Jamaica: Lotto winner played same numbers for 10 years

Jamaica: Lotto winner played same numbers for 10 years
Supreme Ventures' latest Lotto jackpot winner

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — There is a new millionaire in town. H Wilson is the latest winner of Supreme Ventures’ Lotto and has scored a jackpot of $33 million.

Wilson’s payday has been a long time coming and the July 22 draw #1699 was his lucky day. Wilson won with the numbers four, seven, eleven, twelve and twenty-three…the same numbers he has been playing for 10 years.

“I always play those same numbers and print them back for every draw, the exact same numbers. And when I saw the numbers, I couldn’t believe I had the exact numbers in the same order as the draw,” Wilson said.

Wilson purchased his winning ticket at Maxim Four Star Enterprise in Spanish Town, on the evening of the draw around 7:00 pm. While he avidly purchases his Lotto tickets, he was not quick to check his ticket and waited three days before even looking at the draw results.

“I didn’t know right away, and I was busy so I didn’t check it until the following Saturday at the terminal,” he said.

Wilson, who is a painter by trade, said he still practises his profession even since coming into his $33 million windfall. “I still have jobs all over the place that were postponed due to COVID. I plan to continue working but I want to take it to the next level and get a pickup and more tools.”

He said that while his life before the win was comfortable, he always knew that he would win the Lotto one day.

“I said to myself that I want to win this thing. I’d watch the draw and think how easy it would be to win. I still buy my Lotto tickets since the win with the same numbers, just in case I win again. Those are my numbers, I’m going to die with them,” he chuckled.

Wilson, who collected his winnings, dressed as the iconic Mario from the Mario Brothers video game franchise, said he is still in shock and can’t explain how happy he is with his new millionaire status. “This is a first in a lifetime experience. I can’t believe this really happened for real, it still feels unreal.”

He said that he will continue to play his favourite games and has won Cash Pot several times since winning the Lotto.


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