Jamaica: LASCO reduces sugar in food drink by 50%

Jamaica: LASCO reduces sugar in food drink by 50%

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – LASCO Manufacturers (LASM) says it has reduced the sugar content in its core product line.

The company introduced low sugar variants in its flagship LASCO Food Drink range, which it said has “50 per cent less sugar than the original products”. This, LASCO added, translates to 11 grams of sugar per serving — similar to the sugar content of Lasoy Milk Free, which is considered a low sugar product.

“LASCO’s Food Drink and now the LASCO low sugar Food Drink variant provides our consumers with alternatives well suited to their individual health needs,” said James Rawle, Managing Director of LASCO Manufacturing.

“Both the original and low sugar options are packed with nutrition and uncompromised flavour. The taste profile of both original and the low sugar version are imperceptible,” he added.

Meanwhile, reformulation of the iCool range of juice drinks is ongoing, LASCO said, adding that it has so far been able to achieve a nine per cent reduction in sugar across the range while maintaining the established taste profiles.

According to Catherine Goodall, Beverages Marketing Manager this new variant is in line with LASCO’s commitment to its customers and its mission to be the best, always.

“LASCO is always thinking of ways to provide a wide range of products, empowering consumers with choices,” stated Goodall “We have been working on this reduction for some time because we also needed to ensure it still has the same great taste we know and love, after all… Nutrition never tasted so good….”

The company said it is continuing work to achieve even greater levels of sugar reduction in the iCool products, which currently boasts nine exciting juice drink flavours.


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