Jamaica: ‘I have no tears left to cry’ — Mother of stolen baby begs for his return

Jamaica: ‘I have no tears left to cry’ — Mother of stolen baby begs for his return
Aaliah Wray and baby Nyyear Frank

(JAMAICA STAR) —  The last two weeks have been hell for 17-year-old Aaliah Wray after her son Nyyear Frank was snatched from her arms along Rousseau Road in St Andrew.

On Monday, she went for a check-up but little Nyyear was not present to get his vaccines.

“Mi cry when mi see everybody with their baby and I don’t know where mine is. Mi barely a eat or sleep. I have to keep the TV on to drop asleep at nights. It really hard,” she told THE STAR at her home in Middleton district, Irish Town, St Andrew. “I had got pregnant while I was in school and naturally people use to talk bad things about me but I didn’t care. I am really stressed out. I have cried until I am not sure if I have any tears left … I want my baby.”

Wray said weeks before her son was stolen, a friend introduced her to a woman on Instagram (who the friend later admitted she didn’t really know), who said that she had some baby clothes for her.

“Mi and the girl, who said her name was Shannakay, were texting each other for about four days and she even send me a picture of a baby boy that she said was her son. She told me to meet her the Friday to collect the baby stuff but I never turn up that day,” she said.

Wray said two days later, when Nyyear was stolen, she was staying at her babyfather’s home on Rousseau Road.

“I told my friend I was going to walk the baby and while I was doing that I got a call from the Shannakay girl who told me that she was nearby. I kept saying to myself how she knew where I was and I didn’t tell her?” she said. “But my friend said that she was the one who told her I was still on Rousseau Road because she had asked. I was still walking the baby and a car just drove up and dragged me inside.”

Wray said along with the driver, there was another man inside the silver Toyota Wish motor car, who struggled with her to take the baby.


“I was fighting and I even tried to jump out of the moving vehicle. The man held on to my throat and dragged the baby away, after which he opened the door and used his foot to kick me out,” she said.

Wray said that a pedal cyclist transported her to the Cross Roads Police Station.

Persons speculated that Wray had sold her baby, but she quickly rubbished those claims.

“I love my baby and I want him back. Anyone who knows me know how much that little boy means to me. I may be a little girl but I love my child. I always told myself that I am a mother now and even if I have to get a work at a fast food place, I would do it … so I can give my son a better life. I would never sell or give away my baby no matter what I go through,” she said, before making one final plea for her son’s return.

” I am begging the person who stole my son to please just give him back. I really miss him. I still even have the last soiled diapers that he used stored in a bag,” she told THE STAR.


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