Jamaica: Guardsman fires gun-twirling guard

Jamaica: Guardsman fires gun-twirling guard
The 'Guardsman' showing off his skills
The ‘Guardsman’ showing off his skills

(JAMAICA STAR) — Kenneth Benjamin, executive chairman of the Guardsman Group, has publicly chastised a former security guard who was fired from the company after he was seen playing with his service pistol. SEE VIDEO BELOW STORY

In the viral 28-second video, the man performs various stunts with the gun, much to the amusement of his videographer, who refers to him as ‘Billy the Kid’.

Benjamin told THE STAR that this is a sign that this kind of irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated.

“Supposed he had shot some innocent bystanders? There are certain things that you just don’t do with a firearm, because there have been so many instances where people have been shot and killed because they’ve been fooling around with their weapons,” he said.

“In our book of rules, this is an unforgivable offence, just like theft would be; especially in a public domain when hundreds of people watching to see how irresponsible he was,” he added.


Benjamin said all security guards employed to the company are aware of the code of conduct, and the consequences if they breach it.

“I would gladly suspend him if it was allowed but I wouldn’t tolerate something like this. We give them ongoing training especially with armed guards. Even if I forgave him, FLA (Firearm Licensing Authority) would have revoked his permit,” he said.

“For us to dismiss somebody who has been trained and who has worked okay with the company for awhile, it hurts us too. Maybe he should be in some other industry rather than the security industry,” he added.

But Benjamin said there might just be hope for the man to once again be part of the company.

“If he reapplied to us, and he wants to do something else, we could consider that depending on his track record. But he won’t be handling a gun, not in our company,” Benjamin said.


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