Jamaica: Furious father says little girl given up for adoption without his knowledge

Jamaica: Furious father says little girl given up for adoption without his knowledge

(JAMAICA STAR) – Marlon* says he has been restless since September when he discovered that his eight-year-old daughter was given up for adoption overseas without his consent.

The fuming father said he is seeking assistance from the relevant authorities to reverse the procedure.

“I can’t sleep at nights. I don’t know if my child is happy. I need to speak to my child. I would do anything to reverse the adoption. I am all about a better life for my child but do it the right way. Mi never did have to find out from others say mi daughter get adopted because no loving father would feel good,” he said. “I want to have access to my child and I don’t want her to have another person’s last name.”

Marlon said although he and his babymother, Faith*, parted ways when she was pregnant, he is adamant that he was very involved in his daughter’s life. But he admitted that his name is not on the birth certificate.

“I was at work when my baby was born and when I went to the hospital the following morning, her mother was not answering her phone,” he said.

Marlon said he never saw his daughter until several days after her birth. But he said he managed to maintain a presence in her life and would frequently take her to clinic appointments while her mother was overseas. He said he last saw his daughter on her birthday in July.

Marlon told THE WEEKEND STAR that he found out she was overseas after his mother saw a video of the child on a plane.

“I was shocked. Even at that time I never know she was adopted. My little brother finally got a chance to speak to my daughter and gave me the number and every time I call, someone reject the calls, then I was blocked,” he said. Marlon recently went to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), wanting to add his name to her birth certificate.

“RGD said I couldn’t get a copy of the birth certificate and I was puzzled. Afterwards, someone came out and said I can’t get a copy of the birth paper because there is an adoption stamp. I nearly drop dung inna RGD. I then applied for a copy of the adoption certificate because I really want to know what can be done,” he said.

Meanwhile, Faith revealed that her health is failing. “I have cancer and I am very sick and I really can’t take any added stress. When I was calling him to put his name on the birth paper, why didn’t he come and why didn’t he show up when I was calling him to spend time with her? I did what was best for my child,” she said.



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