Jamaica: Five men charged for possession of sea cucumbers

Jamaica: Five men charged for possession of sea cucumbers

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Five men were arrested and charged for possession of sea cucumbers without a license following the seizure of approximately 300 pounds of sea cucumbers at Welcome Beach in Clarendon on Tuesday.

The men, who are all fishermen from Clarendon addresses, have been identified as; 33-year-old Paul Henry, 23-year-old Marcus Mason, 27-year-old Steven Stephens, 22-year-old Fitzroy Coleman, and, 37-year-old Aundrey Watson.

Reports are that about 4:00 pm, a team of officers was conducting special patrol in the area when they found the sea cucumbers, which are currently banned from harvesting in Jamaica, contained in plastic drums aboard a canoe and in a station wagon motorcar. The group of men was taken into custody in connection with the seizure.

Sea cucumber is a marine invertebrate related to sea urchins and star fish. It is dried and used in soups and other dishes and is considered a delicacy in Asian countries.

All five men are scheduled to appear before the St Catherine Parish Court on Friday March 23.


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  1. ok so then is it illegal to have them in jamaica period? or is it just illegal just to have them without a licence if you are caught


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