Jamaica: Father allegedly molests 5-y-o daughter

Jamaica: Father allegedly molests 5-y-o daughter

(JAMAICA STAR) – Residents in a Hanover community have now joined forces with investigators from the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) in search of a man who is alleged to have sexually molested his five-year-old daughter.

“There is not much we can say on the incident at this time because this is really a case for CISOCA, but so far, we have learnt that the accused father, who has not been seen or heard from since, is about 31 years of age and works as an apprentice at an automotive garage,” said an investigator.

“We have also learnt that the incident came to light after the mother of the child made a report to the police.”

The cop stated that a team from CISOCA visited the home of the child’s grandmother and was gathering evidence.

Reports are that the mother, who lives in a different section of the community, also has a three-year-old with the accused.

Several weeks ago, she sent both children to spend holidays with their grandmother, the mother of the accused.


After returning home, one child told the mother that while they were at the grandmother’s house, their father molested her.

The children also gave their mother a detailed report of what transpired while they spent time at the home of their father and their grandmother’s home .

After carrying out her own investigation, the woman confronted her babyfather, who denied the allegations. She then made a report to the police.

The police went to the community and learnt that the accused had fled. It is also understood that a number of calls were made to his cell phone, but they all went unanswered.


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