Jamaica: Entertainer’s husband murdered

Jamaica: Entertainer’s husband murdered
Safira Mono and husband Renaldo Farquharson.
Safira Mono and husband Renaldo Farquharson.

(JAMAICA STAR) – Reggae/dancehall artiste Safira Mono is offering a J$1 million reward to anyone who may have witnessed the murder of her husband, Renaldo ‘Stick a Fire’ Farquharson, at their home on Ash Wednesday, February 26.

“I know there is someone out there who knows exactly what happened and who did it, and I am begging you to just speak what you know,” she said.

According to a report from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), residents of Tryall Heights in Spanish Town, St Catherine, reported hearing explosions and summoned the police.

The lawmen found Farquharson, 32, lying in a pool of blood. He was taken to the Spanish Town Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Mono and Farquharson were in the community to collect some documents as they were scheduled to leave the island the following Friday.

She was inside the house when she heard a number of explosions.

“When mi come out and look over mi balcony, mi see mi husband drop and a man with a gun fire some shot in the air and run. When mi run guh down there a try take up mi husband, him wasn’t responding and mi couldn’t manage him alone to carry him in the car,” she said tearfully. “Mi beg him nuh dead and tell him say mi a go look some help and come back. Mi reverse out and as mi a do that, the man dem crouch down in a gully and start fire after the vehicle and mi speed out and go to the police station.”

Mono described Farquharson, who was also her manager, as her motivator and biggest fan.

“He believed in my music and me when I didn’t even believe in myself, so I am going to continue to do music even more now. Him never like see mi cry so right now a that mi a use as a strength to push myself,” she said.


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