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Jamaica: Deportee wants to become a scammer

By Jamaica Star

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Jamaican deportees from the United Kingdom leaving the Mobile Reserve on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

(JAMAICA STAR) – A deportee residing in Kingston’s inner-city said he is living his worst life and is strongly considering to scam his way out of poverty.

“I am going to scam. That’s the only way. We have all scammed from baby stage. When you were a baby, you cry and when yuh get the breast, yuh stop, right. That’s scamming your mother, that’s where scamming started from,” said the deportee, who goes by the moniker Yankee.

In a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, he told our news team that after serving a 10-year prison sentence for armed robbery in the US, bad luck has plagued him.

“Ever since I went to prison and came out, a whole bunch of crosses following me. Before now, I never ever wore the same sneakers twice. Right now I am ‘f’ up,” he said.

Yankee said he got deported last January.


“Ever since that, this is my lowest. You only got a few people who look out for me because they know my situation. My life is a roller coaster,” he said. “If it was up to me, trust me, I would only come back for vacations; I wouldn’t come back to live.”

According to Yankee, Jamaica is not for young people because “it forces you into a lot of stuff like violence, things you don’t wanna do, if you’re not strong minded”.

Yankee has tried to find work and has even tried his hand at construction.

“That’s not for me. I understand that you gotta use your hands and sacrifice to do stuff but I am not doing no more construction. Look what that s**t did to my hands. I look like I visited the Flinstones,” he said.

Yankee told THE WEEKEND STAR that he lived a life of crime in the US, mainly involving robbery.

He was thrown out of his father’s home at age 16 and said that living in abandoned buildings and eating from the garbage of Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants were part of his daily routine.

Yankee told THE WEEKEND STAR that because of his past, he anticipates anything negative.

He said: “Anything that happens to me I accept. I deserve anything bad other than death.”

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  1. A a mwen mem...scamming your mother for breast milk?!! Look when I get my money from my pawwehn to watch matinee at Gaiety or Clarks cinema that's scamming...a a I didn't know that ....

  2. Worthless and lazy. By opening his ass to make such statements can only serve to feed the minds of those self absorb egotistical narrow minded individuals who believes all Jamaicans are like this. Of course they know themselves, who the cap fit.............

    • You should be dissing the man and not trying to turn things around. Maybe all of you are the same then. With such negative mentality

      • Why would you want to be a scammer? It will still land you in prison. Seems to me he has no respect for hard work and making an honest living..
        That's a bad plan.


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