Jamaica: Churchgoers warn of mark of the beast, new world order

Jamaica: Churchgoers warn of mark of the beast, new world order

(JAMAICA STAR) — Baring placards, two Sabbath worshippers have expressed fear that a new world order would be introduced to the island in short order.

Jermaine Allen and Jacqueline Murray of the Linstead Seventh-day Adventist Church and North Street Seventh-day Adventist Church, respectively, stated that last Tuesday night they both had visions which left them convinced that the mark of the beast is being imposed on people worldwide.


Both also said in the vision they were told by the spirit of God that very soon, the Government would be pressured into making it mandatory to worship on a Sunday.

“When the Lord gave us the message, we woke with much trembling and I know we had to take this message to the people of the world, and the prime minister of the country, that a great crisis is coming and the devil is going to send persons to enforce a one-day Sunday worship,” Allen said. He said that having had the dream, he couldn’t go back to sleep because he was troubled.

Murray, who lives miles away, had a similar vision.

“God loves (Prime Minister) Andrew (Holness) very much, and he does not want him to follow the rest of the world and institute these laws. He needs to be careful because any country that breaks the laws of God will come to national destruction,” Murray said.

Stating that they were both protesting independently and not under the instructions of their churches, Allen said that he is imploring Jamaicans not to participate in the cashless system that they saw in their vision.

“They are also going to come with a cashless system, which will involve a micro-chip. God loves and wants to save Andrew Holness and let him know that he should not accept these laws that are coming,” he said.

“God says that if we do not warn, the people’s blood will be on our shoulders and because we don’t want that, we take the instructions to bring it to The Gleaner because that is where God send us,” Allen added


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