Jamaica: Church wives turn to sensual dance videos to please their husbands

Jamaica: Church wives turn to sensual dance videos to please their husbands

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A number of married Christian women have admitted that they have been using sensual dance videos in an effort to improve intimacy with their husbands, even as their church deems the secular artform unholy.

The women, who worship at an evangelical church in Kingston, spoke with the Jamaica Observer after Florida board certified sex therapist Wayne Powell said that he had seen Christian women who expressed a desire to step up their game in the bedroom and gain a more flexible waistline.

“This desire suggests they realise that a more flexible waistline would enhance the bedroom experience, both before and during. Men are highly visual, and even dancing — wining — could add to his stimulation in foreplay, [and] add to the encounter during the act,” he shared.

Powell added that he has even shared with the women a few YouTube instruction videos. However, he made it clear to them that if and when they achieve mastery it is for their husband’s eyes only, and not for public display.

One of the women who spoke with the Observer said she has been married for close to 20 years. She shared that she used to enjoy secular dances, but on becoming a Christian she stopped paying attention, to the point where she became out of touch, as it was unholy.

Now, in an effort to preserve her marriage, she has joined a Zumba class “to keep fit”.

“It has worked, and I have a few friends in the same situation who I also bring to the classes. Currently about 10 of us are in the class, taking it in strides,” said the woman who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Two other Christian women who spoke with the newspaper said that to ensure their husbands kept eyes for them only, they sought out dance videos that demonstrated sensual moves.

“I decided to practise after we observed our daughter watching a popular soca artiste dance for a routine she had at school, and from there my husband kept watching this soca artiste and commenting how her waist seemed boneless. Then he asked me if I can dance like her. I couldn’t, so I decided to practise, as none of us are immune to falling. It’s either I learned or risked him finding someone who could,” the woman said.

The second woman said: “I have been married for eight years, and out of the eight years, earlier this year my husband asked me if I knew how to do the sticky wine, and my response was, ‘The what?’. So, of course, I googled it and realised it may have been his way of saying I want this. So currently that’s all I’ve been practising to do, but the aim is to always please.”

Reverend Karl Johnson, general secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union, said he has no problem with Christian women seeking to please their husbands, but in his estimation there should hardly be a Jamaican woman or man who lacks “rhythm”.

“Perhaps they just need to let go,” he said.

Asked to comment on the view of some Christians that the practice is unholy, Johnson said he is not surprised, as the topic of human sexuality remains too closeted in some churches. However, he believes that such thinking is now in the minority.

Although Johnson is in full support of Christian women seeking to please their husbands, he said that the bedroom is to be seen within the context of the Bible’s portrayal of sexual intimacy.

“The Bible, in my mind, affirms intimacy between members of the opposite sex, so even if society approves other constructs it doesn’t make it right,” he said.



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  1. These married church women should know to free up themselves and pose for their husbands only. Do not keep the thing in a dark place without good exercise. A cat should eat with zest and zeal so when was the last time that the thing had a hearty meal from your husband? In other words you must ensure that it has good appetite.


  2. amen brother amen and i say amen again the christian community has tooooo much divorce in it so right now people have to do what they can do as long as they do it the right way to please their husbands and keep them from going astray but even if they do all that and their husbands do go out then they cant blame them self and say they have not tried.


    • A righteous sticky gyration/twerk/wind and juke is good for body and soul. It is good for husband and wife to tempt each other only and they must always 'know' each other in the biblical sense of the word.


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