Jamaica: Brother upset at sister for hanging panties near his rag

Jamaica: Brother upset at sister for hanging panties near his rag

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A man who appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week was described by the judge that he was “dark like midnight”, after he told the court that he pulled down a clothes line with his sister’s washed clothes, messing them up all because she had pinned her panties too close to his rags.

The man, Suran McKenzie, was arrested for malicious destruction of property after it was reported that he had cut down the line, causing his sister’s clothes to fall and get dirty after they landed in water which had settled in the yard.

However, on Tuesday when McKenzie appeared in court before Parish Judge Maxine Ellis he denied cutting down the line, claiming he had only untied the clothes line.

Further to that, McKenzie told the court that he had begged his sister to remove her undies from so close to his rags, but she refused.

“Your Honour, first thing is mi sister and I did not cut the line, I pull it and the clothes dem fall off,” he said.

“Then didn’t you know that if you pull it they would fall?” the judge asked.

McKenzie in reply said: “I ask her kindly to excuse her underwear from near my rag and she did not move them.”

But the judge was clearly not moved by his explanation.

“You dark like midnight. You are so foolish, your very sister? you are the one who should be removing them from the line if she gone and you see rain coming,” Ellis said.

She also told McKenzie that if he had grown up washing his sister’s undies he would not have come before the court with that “foolish” notion that the panties should not be near his rag.

“It is just a piece of garment,” Judge Ellis said.

She advised McKenzie that he and other males of similar persuasion should “cut out the stupidness” they have about not going near undies.

She then told McKenzie: “You are operating on a level and you need straightening”.

In the end McKenzie was instructed to pay his sister $5,000 for her troubles and he indicated that he will have to call his sister.

“Your sister, she has underwear too,” Ellis chimed in.

McKenzie later returned with the money and a no–order ruling was made in the case.


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  1. Mental slavery! Emancipated yourselves, stop living off someone else's thought. Someone came up with that stupity about women's underwear and you all follow like goons. Wake up peoole#rise up to conscious thoughts# don't forget where you came from, the very thing the underwear holds.


  2. lool oh boy i think they should do a retrial. reason being it was a female that was the judge. so obviously she would always be in the womans favour


  3. Like mavado sing I say it should be illegal for a man to wash his woman panty. Keep them separate


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