Jamaica: Artiste Samantha J plans to give birth without taking pain relievers

Jamaica: Artiste Samantha J plans to give birth without taking pain relievers
Samantha J
Samantha J feels overjoyed to welcome her baby boy.

(JAMAICA STAR) — It has been little over a year since dancehall-pop princess Samantha J was forced to take a break from performing to nurse injuries as a result of a terrible fall during a trip to Belize.

Best known for her 2013 hit single, Tight Skirt, the entertainer, who turns 23 today, has been relatively silent and has since revealed another reason for that — she is pregnant with her first child.

“I can’t believe how fast time is moving and how fast this baby is growing,” an elated Samantha J told The STAR.

“My body recovered enough from the accident, for it not to affect the pregnancy. The only thing is I have really bad back pains due to the pressure and weight on my body.”

Samantha J, best known for her 2013 hit single, Tight Skirt, the entertainer.

She is expecting a boy child early in the new year and she is planning a natural birthing process. This may include going through labour and delivery without the help of pain relievers.

“Despite the pain, I am experiencing now, I am still hoping to go all-natural with delivery, no epidural, and I am also considering a water birth,” she said.

Samantha J showed off her baby bump on social media following her gender reveal party, with pictures showing her four-month pregnant body and shared with followers that the first trimester was torture.

Samantha J is expecting a boy child early in the new year.

“I am so excited about my career following the birth of my boy. This baby on the way means more than the world knows. It is a rebirth to me as well. I will be back with a stronger and different approach. I am not recording currently, but that is not pregnancy-related, and I daydream about being back in the studio every day,” the Baby Love singer told THE STAR.

At nearly 24 weeks, the entertainer says that the pregnancy has already taught her so much and she is humbled to have been blessed to be a mother.

“It’s almost six months and I realise it really takes a lot of strength mentally and physically to carry a baby. I have definitely noticed that I have to accept the bad with the good. I learn to love myself more than ever before and accept each change I see happening along the way. I am just surprised with the way the female body adjusts miraculously to make sure that the baby has all he needs,” she said.

“My mom continuously reminds me to enjoy my pregnancy and to be happy. This helps me daily to keep my spirit going. She says that each emotion I feel the baby will also feel. So I do my best to stay happy and try to stay away from any negative emotions and negative people that try to creep up.”

Samantha J, who lives in Los Angeles, did not reveal the identity of the baby’s father. However, she is looking ahead to motherhood.

“My expectations are that the journey as a mother will be a roller-coaster ride, but through the ups and downs I will have a motive to remain humble, strong and do the most I can to raise a strong, healthy baby boy.”


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