Jamaica: Another viral video shows mother viciously beating child

Jamaica: Another viral video shows mother viciously beating child

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — Yet another video has gone viral on social media, showing a Jamaican woman beating a child heavily, amid tears and screaming from the child.

The new video shows a woman beating a little girl with a pink belt and telling her “Do your work”, as the child lay on the ground crying “mommy” among other things.

The woman later puts down the belt and uses her hand to further punish the child, dragging her hair among other things, as an older-looking child looked on and filmed the ordeal.

The woman is later heard saying, “Last year yuh come first inna class, yuh nah drop back”, before repeatedly slapping the little girl and admonishing her to do her work, and “don’t follow company”.

Earlier this year, another video went viral of a woman beating her child with a machete. She was later identified as 44-year-old Doreen Dyer after being arrested and charged with cruelty to a child.

The video sparked outrage from several corners of society including the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), formerly the Child Development Agency (CDA), which has repeatedly called for a ban on corporal punishment, though Dyer later received support from members of her Bath, St Thomas community who urged authorities to be lenient on her.



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  1. So many of us over here in the united states new york particularly are so hurt in saddened for the little 4 year old girl me personally im mad as hell in have not stop thinking or talking about the way her piece a shit of a mother beat her i want justice for that sweet baby we all do theres no reason or excuse for her mom to abuse that baby like that she lucky shes in jamaica


  2. I would like to know is the beast that beat her 4 year old little girl in jail pleaseeeeeeeee somebody tell me she is i hate her she needs to die in go to hell for that that didnt make no kinda sense let me have the little girl so i can bring her here to the united states in give her a way better life the love the nature the proper care she needs cause that beast of a so call mother dont know how to be a mother she shouldnt a never had no kids tear her ovaries out so she cant never have no more to harm in hurt


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