Jaguars lead in U18 table tennis

Jaguars lead in U18 table tennis

(SNO) – Saint Lucia National Table Tennis Association National Premiere Elite Summer Under 18 League.

Tournament format 2 points for every match won and 1 point for every match lost. 5 matches are played in every team contest.

Day 2. Results

Jaguars conquered Eliminators 4 games to 1. Jaguars Andrew Daniels defeated Eliminators Zarianne Anthony in straight sets 3-0. Eliminators Ishmel Moise equalized the scores when he defeated Kenneth John of Jaguars 3 games to 1. The reverse singles saw Andrew Daniels winning a tightly contested match against Ishmel to win 3 games to 2. Kenneth John then conquered Zarianne Anthony 3 games to 0. The final match saw Jaguars winning the doubles event 3 games to 1.

Tigers gets a big win over Dragons 4 games to 1. Dragons Mario St. Cyr won 3 sets to 2 over Tigers Cherese Darcheville in the opening match. Tigers Jelanie Dusauzay then defeated Dragons Saneil Bernard in straight sets 3-0. The reverse singles then saw Jelanie pulling a major upset to defeat Mario in a tightly contested match 3-2. Cherese then extended Tigers lead when she conquered Saneil 3 sets to 1.

The doubles match saw Tigers winning a tightly contested match to win 3-2 over Dragons.

Jaguars defeat Eagles 3 games to 2. Jaguars Andrew Daniels ran through Eagles Nate John to win in straight sets 3-0. Eagles De’Andre Calderon then responded by winning against Jaguars Kenneth John 3 sets to 1. The reverse singles then saw De’Andre winning in straight sets over Andrew 3-0. Kenneth then equalized the score at 2 games each when he defeated Nate in straight sets 3-0. Jaguars then dominated the doubles event which was the deciding match to win 3-1 over Eagles.

Overall Point Standings

1. Jaguars 17
2. Tigers 17
3. Dragons 14
4. Eagles 14
5. Eliminators 13


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