Jadia says she would rather support Baptiste over her father

Jadia says she would rather support Baptiste over her father
Francisco Jn Pierre (right) and daughter Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel
Francisco Jn Pierre (right) and daughter Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel

The daughter of United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Laborie, Francisco Jn Pierre, who happens to be the Communications Director of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) lashed out at him on Sunday.

Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel told SLP supporters at a political rally at Anse La Raye that she would rather support the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Laborie, Alva Bapstiste, than her father.

“Brothers and sisters of Labour, do you know that the man who is contesting the seat in Laborie for the UWP is my father? Do you know that? But do you know if I was voting in Laborie, I would be voting for Alva Baptiste?”

The SLP member said the reason for supporting Baptiste is because he is a man of “integrity” and one who belongs to a team that respects people and who loves the constituency of her birth.

“Alva Baptiste belongs to an SLP that believes even though you cant eat laptops, you need laptops to develop. Alva Baptiste belongs to a team that understands what technology means to the development of a people.”

Jn Pierre-Emmanuel said too she would “challenge the man” who is contesting the seat for the UWP in Laborie, referring to her father, to tell her why his party did not see it fit to fix the road to his home.

She continued: “There is a lesson that you must teach the UWP in Laborie. For my sake, ensure that Francisco Jn Pierre losses his deposit and then the day after the election we will hold a big meeting…”

Senior Jn Pierre had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that his daughter has a right to choose whichever party she wants to support and likewise, he will chose whichever party he wishes to represent.

The UWP candidate had expressed hope that although they are both supporting different political parties, they should be able to work and live peacefully among themselves.

Jn Pierre admitted that his daughter’s support for the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) may have come from her upbringing, because he too was at one time a strong supporter of the SLP.


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  1. Francosco lossed his deposit, but Jadia loose her entire job. Who suffer the bigger loss? Power lies in the tongue.
    Jadia must learn that she cannot be so disrespectful to her own father, I hope she does not expect any better from her daughter.


  2. It is unbelievable that a young woman like Jadia should be referring to her father like "That Man" and that she is voting for a man of integrity. She has many more reason to vote for SLP rather than those she gave at the platform. I remember the days when Francisco was the lone person working to feed his family and care for all of his children. Was everything always perfect? Hell NO! But did he try, bet he gave it his best short. I hope we find time to separate the two issues. Family first and politics after. When the dust is settled Francisco Jn. Pierre remains the father fo Jadia Jn. Pierre. Girl grow up and show some family pride and dignity. You have time to make amend...


  3. This female has no damn class at all. She is an embarrassment to her entire family .You can differ along political lines if you must. But you must possess some class in handling the fallout. Whenever was washing a family's dirty linen in public become a virtue? Only in Saint Lucia.


  4. After the elections I pray to God that you find another place to wash your dirty linen, instead of in the full view of the public.
    It is so shameful, low-class and scandalous what you are doing here. Such lack of self respect and decorum is regarded by low-class Saint Lucians as a virtue. The SLP low-class and no class from the tippy top to the very bottom all believe and exhibit this behaviour.


  5. Where does labour get the money to pay you? I am positive it is taxpayers funds. Plus your show is a sorry attempt at spin.I'm sure only red hacks watch it. I would not waste my time watching it. Someone needs to do an investigation into where your party gets all this money to buy so much tv time. Is it the kickbacks from the coolie contractor or from juffali? Tanto tanto. The 6 6 16 coming....you will be shocked at the election results. I was no UWP but all this excess from labour and your disrespect for your father has convinced me where to vote.


  6. Red lip??? stick ,red zone red red red she is just upsets about red I think after the shocking jaw dropping election results come June 666 I will start a new show on choice if the let me , call the yellow zone???


  7. jadia, u allowed politics to come between u and your father.you were quite disrespectful to him when you called him ''THAT MAN''.Do you intend to ever invite him to your daughters birthday party or even take her over to see her grandfather?Grandparents play an important role in kids life.Don't allow your ambitions to climb up the slp ladder to throw caution to the wind.(meaning u don't care,whatever happens,happens).
    When the dust would have settled after election day,I hope you realized the damaged that you have done and beg your father for forgiveness.Karma has a way of biting one's behind.