Iyanola northeast coast beach clean-up

Iyanola northeast coast beach clean-up

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Beach clean-up activities to take place on Grande Anse Beach on Sunday July 8th.

The overall goal of this activity is to rid the coast of garbage, marine debris and seaweed to aid nesting sea turtles and iguanas.

The Iyanola Natural Resource Management of the Northeast Coast Project seeks to undertake beach clean ups to assist in the general upkeep of the Iyanola Region. Moreover, the project seeks to maintain or increase the population of threatened species namely iguanas, turtles and birds. These efforts will also assist the leatherback turtles and the St. Lucia iguanas when the nesting season begins in March.

Aside from its unsightly appearance, garbage and marine debris have harmful effects on wildlife, fish, marine mammals and birds. The Saint Lucia Iguana and baby turtles have often been found entangled in this debris. The most effective way to remove this waste is by holding coastal cleanups and awareness raising activities on the issue of littering. However this requires considerable cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders and residents.

In the thrust to garner community support and enable stakeholders to take ownership of the environs and activities, community members, groups and interested parties are invited to participate in these cleanup activities.

The department of Sustainable Development encourages residents and community groups especially in Desbarras to participate in this beach cleanup activity this Sunday, July 8th, 2018.

Interested persons should walk with a reusable container for food and drink.


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