iWillStand letter to the Prime Minister

iWillStand letter to the Prime Minister
PM Chastanet having a closer look at Seismolological Report for St. Lucia in this file photo..
Pm Chastanet Having a closer look at Seismolological Report for St.Lucia.
Pm Chastanet Having a closer look at Seismolological Report for St.Lucia.

Dear Honorable Prime Minister:

We, the undersigned youth of Saint Lucia, are distressed by the framework and supplementary agreements that the Government of Saint Lucia, under your leadership, has entered into with DSH Caribbean Limited.

While as youth, who stand most to benefit from judicious investments by the Government, applaud all efforts to building our country, we are concerned, that the aforementioned agreement, in its current form commits most of the prime development lands in the District of Vieux-Fort to one investor. In addition, that arrangement seems heavily weighted in favour of the investor without sufficient safeguards to secure adequate benefits for the country and the people who will be directly impacted.

Honorable Prime Minister, it bears repeating that we are not opposed to the efforts of our Government in sourcing legitimate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since authentic FDI impacts positively on job creation, poverty reduction, and many other social determinants that impact quality of life for a people, which we are badly in need of to stimulate new economic activity in Saint Lucia.  The agreements with DSH requires far too much from our country without demanding satisfactory commitment from this very speculative and clever “investor”. The risks, as the agreements stands outweighs potential benefits, and that borne by the investor hardly seems adequate to provide the necessary safeguards for the returns on investment. Among our many concerns are:

  1. The agreements give a single investor (DSH Caribbean Star Limited), a virtual monopoly over most of the strategic lands in the town of Vieux-Fort for an entire century (99 years); essentially limiting the balanced development of the town of Vieux-Fort.
  2. The unprecedented low lease price ($1.00/acre) to be enjoyed by the investor to hold over seven hundred (700) acres of prime St.Lucian lands for ninety-nine (99) years.
  3. The agreements with DSH crowd out other potential investments that could impact job creation and economic growth positively.
  4. The agreements give DSH unlimited access to foreign labour, which can limit the ability of that investment to stimulate any appreciable level of employment for Saint Lucians.
  5. The agreements require huge commitments of our country’s resources with inadequate guarantees from the investor.  
  6. The agreements threaten the continued existence of indigenous businesses which fall within the area demarcated for the proposed investment. Those include businesses that currently employ young Saint Lucians;
  7. The signed agreements deny local Saint Lucians free access to their own beaches – a situation which will seriously violate our rights as Saint Lucians and which cannot be viewed as acceptable by any patriotic government.

Honorable Prime Minister, in view of the foregoing, we (the informal group of young people) believe that there has not been adequate stakeholder engagements, to include the youth, and in particular residents in the southern region, to properly obtain their views on the terms and conditions under which the DSH project is contemplated. As a result, we wish to request that the concerns raised through this formal medium be addressed through major multiple stakeholder meetings that addresses the issues raised and alleviate the concerns of the citizenry.

We trust that concerns raised will be received with the seriousness with which they have been expressed, and in the light of patriotism, open governance and transparency that inspired this action. It is hoped, that the Government of Saint Lucia, under auspicious leadership, will urgently reconsider this dangerous deal with DSH so as to secure more tangible benefits for St. Lucia and especially its youth who will be around to feel any future negative fallout.

We are prepared to continue to organize and mobilize young people with the view to establish a formal grouping to engage you in discussions on the foregoing or to demonstrate against the current agreements with DSH.  In addition, we intend to formally engage with all Saint Lucian stakeholders, most of which are copied in this letter.  Further, we shall hold formal talks with Her Majesty’s Opposition as well as lobby government parliamentarians with the sole intention of building bi-partisan Parliamentary support for our cause.

As young advocates who have found a voice in this country, and who are determined to be part of the governance of our inheritance, we wish to note, that even if our efforts to influence local stakeholders fail we shall continue our fight alone, until there is an acceptable agreement (if possible) between the Government of Saint Lucia and DSH Caribbean Limited; failing which, the project should be discontinued.

Please accept our communication as an indication of our desire to ensure that the national interest is safeguarded.

Respectfully, yours


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  1. Why lease our land for 99 years and we cannot even enjoy our beaches. There are fine prints in the deal. My Fellow St Lucia wake up and smell the coffee. Hear the facts about this deal. So why can't they lease the land for the people who have their business there. Our preserve mangrove will be affected and you'll saying Kenny selling St Lucia. I strongly believe we St Lucian can stop it. We need to read out constitution right. We the people that govern this country not our leader. The leader is there to lead not to sell us out......


    • Will the mangrove feed your children, put clothes on their back and give them an education? Vieux-Fort has been a ghost town for far too long . We need investment and work for the South and if that is the price we must pay so be it. Every success and every failure has a price. The world is going through a recession and we need all the help we can get for our little island so don't let some of the politicians who have already filled their pockets blind you with the realities of life.
      Our land is not going anywhere so try and look beyond all this and think of the future of our grand children and great grand children.


  2. I am happy that the people of Vieux Fort are speaking out. Please note that they are not the only ones that will be impacted. In the event that public consultations are held please ensure that they are publicised well in advance. I would like to be involved as I uses the beaches in the south and I fear that I will no longer be able to.


  3. The prople of Vieux Fort and St Lucians HAVE RIGHTS also.and should know what is going on PLEASE CHAS PUT THE PEOPLE FIRST...One more thing most of the people who are happy are not even from the south...AND WILL NOT LOSING THEIR LAND


    • It is good that the young people are finally speaking up for their rights because they are the jobless ones at the end of the day. Too much talk and no action gets us no where, it's like smoke with no fire. Stand up for your rights my yute!

      Who God bless, no man curse!


    • What Work ? When You Speak About Work , Be Specific & You Should As Well Be Carefuul . There's No Job In This Horseshittery Deaal .


    • You are a bigger fool to make such a statement. Never have I ever seen a set of backward and ignorant people like you guys.


      • The prime Minister need to have Town hall meeting with the people of the south!!! That is a Garbage statement . That is a Development of national importance which will affect the entire country not just the people of the south . Will Chastanet lease any of his private land for $1.00 and acre for 99 years ? Why does he want to lease the land of the people of St.Lucia $1.00 an acre almost 1000 acre to one investor , wake up people , wake up. These guys are the bosses we are the employee and we have to kneel at their feet to beg for favors. Remember Asians hire their own.There in no 1000 jobs for St.Lucian, no one job per acre. if there is 1000 jobs for St.Lucian there will be at least 2000 jobs Asians to supervise the St. Lucian. There is no future for us in that project, we will still be collecting the crumbs that falls from the table of these investors.


    • So I guess you are one of those who put money and personal gain before your country and your people. No disrespect but you are like those crack heads who don't care about the future and what crack will affect you in the future but just because of that "satisfaction" you go ahead and take a hit. If DSH was such a good deal tell me why the previous administration DID NOT agree with the terms. Why don't you people look at the big picture and see exactly how that deal will impact on our country and the future generations. Or maybe you are one of those personal gainers so you think your future is secure. Let me tell you something, WE are NOT hungry or desperate. We can and WILL survive without DSH. WE DON'T NEED those kind of jobs. YOU are one of those who give Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet the reason to believe we are uneducated and ignorant. PS- we are not in the 80's anymore. We are a well educated generation and we care about ST LUCIA!!!!. #SayNoToDSH #SayNoToTheBadDeal #SayNoToSlavery #iWillStand


  4. I believe the prime minister need to have townhall meeting with people from the south and explain to them everything about DSH.l believe investment is good especially a time like this, but be careful how much you get from it.l believe the prime minister will use wisdom. May God bless him.


  5. DSH ALLEGEDLY fund the UWP campaign this year. Remember the Autistic stated before the party won,.'There are investors waiting to invest in SLU.' His words! So it was a commitment based upon campaign financing. Hence the reason within two weeks all documents were signed. The Devil knew exactly what he was doing.


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