I’ve fallen in love with a lesbian, no longer interested in abusive boyfriend

I’ve fallen in love with a lesbian, no longer interested in abusive boyfriend

Dear Willie: I’ve been with my guy for six years and I have a child with him. Through the six years, I’ve been abused and cheated on with three different women. He got all three pregnant.

Life had been very stressful and I started to feel lonely and depressed so I turned to a friend, who is a lesbian, with my problem. I told her my situation and how life was and we spoke on and off over the phone.

I saw her in person, she tried helping out with my situation and tried to comfort me. But then she slept over one night and that’s when she kissed me. It felt strange at first but I kissed her back, then she came on to me, and one thing led to another.

My feelings grew more and more towards her and hers did as well. I decided to break it off with my guy knowing I have been abused and cheated on enough, but when I tried telling him I saw that he was showing me a different side – that he cared. The abusing stopped and he was paying more attention. I don’t know whether it was fake or not, but he changed to my eyes.

I had already fallen out of love with him. I’m confused whether I should tell him it’s over and move on with my life with a different sex (female) or give him a chance to prove himself.

Dear Miss:

Let this guy go about his business. Six years of abuse and cheating? Got three women pregnant while he was with you and he wants to turn saint overnight?

Miss, trust me on this, that’s how many men are. They always try to change when they realize the women are moving on. It’s a tactic to keep you under his abusive regime. He will not change. This good behavior period will last for a short while when he is convinced you will stay with him.

He has had six years to prove himself and he failed. I believe six years was too much.

You would be foolish to go back with him. Just ensure he takes care of his child.

Please move on with your life. But if you stay and get abused and cheated on again, please do not complain or seek advice – from me or your lesbian friend!


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  2. Ha ha.....That's between you and your little cacalack I'm not interested. Poor old cat must be bawling bloody murder trying to tell you it's tired you poking me, you rubbing me. LMFAORL.


  3. Once a dog always a dog move
    Six years have been wasted he didnt change then he will not change now k. there is someone out there for u just take a leap of faith u will be fine good luck.


  4. its ur life ur decision ur mistakes. Think wisely. what are u really looking for in a relationship. how far do you want it to go. look at a picture far beyond. what do u want to teach child.


  5. its clear your a lesbo you were probably never attracted to the guy to begin with hence he cheating on you. just admit ur sexuality and move on


  6. I think you should forget about this boyfriend 100%. Six years and there's no progress between the two of you. He's repeatedly done the same thing so this sounds pointless. Hope is gone.
    I think the relationship with you and this female MIGHT be a phase. A woman needs someone to console her, and to LISTEN especially and she was all of that to you. If being with a woman is not natural for you then please don't pursue anything with this girl. She could have only been your comfort and fulfilling her needs might have been important to you.

    Take some time for yourself, get to know yourself now, LOVE yourself and then open your heart again. I truly believe after 6 years of abuse you are entitled to a break.


  7. You mean to tell me I have waited a whole week to read this rubbish story! Willie I bet you had more intersting stories.


  8. I say move on with your life, not with this man nor the woman..think of how your child is gonna cope with lesbian parents. Nevertheless you are not really gay you only fell in love with this woman because you found comfort in her. FIND A NEW MAN AND MOVE ON.


    • she sound like if she turned to a man who was interested in her he would have gotten through also. The lesbian capitalize on her bad situation like another man would.


  9. In such situations its any port for a storm. If you were surprised by the first kiss it means that to you a lesbian relationship is not normal . You are experimenting and so it is an adventure invoked by some lesbo influence. Take some time to clear your head think. Then you can choose weather u mant to be a lesbian.


  10. Once a cheater always a cheater. Sometimes we need to move on with our life.Be it with the same sex or different sex. Being happy is what matters


  11. Honey you deserve so much better. Don't stay with someone who only wants to put on a new persona when he realises his control is gone. When you were hurting, he did not care. And that's it... he does not care. It's a cycle..if you stay,he WILL start the abuse again. You are worth more than he can handle. MOVE ON.


  12. You are searching for love but turning to a Lesbian is not the best thing to do and you should diffinately not stay in this abusive relationship. You are a very special person and there is a man out there for you. Someone who will love and respect you and treat you like the treasure you are. You may just need to exercise some patience.


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