“It’s unfortunate when people cannot get their pay” – Minister Belrose

By SNO Staff

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Minister Belrose

President of the St. Lucia Olympic Committee and government minister Fortuna Belrose has said the management of the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground must be looked into regarding the issues currently facing the facility.

Recently, several employees of the facility complained of poor working conditions as well frustration in getting paid for working overtime.

Belrose told reporters that the situation is very “unfortunate”.

“I think it is always unfortunate when people who work cannot get their pay. I think you know we have to look at the management of these agencies very, very seriously,” the former permanent secretary in the Department of Youth and Sports said.

“I think there may be a review going on. I am not too sure where they are at this point in time. Like I said it’s not really my portfolio but I think our government is concerned about people’s well-being and their welfare, and if they work they must get pay. and so I am sure there is dialogue going on in the hope of bringing closure to some of the issues that currently plaguing that facility, the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground.”

Belrose was asked to comment on criticism leveled at her by Opposition MP, Castries South representative, Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

“As anything else, you know when you’re in public life you must get pressure,” she said, laughing.

“But I think as part of the cluster… it is very importnt to say that the government is very methodical in the way it’s going about planning for sports. We do have an assessment being undertaken now, by some experts with respect to our facilities across the country. whether they are viable, whether they’re not viable, whether they are just there to facilite the social impact, the social needs of our people.

“So there is a steady going on to provide additional information to us. In the meantime, of course, these facilities have to be managed properly. They have to be done in the right way, things have to be done in the right way, and I am aware that the government is now looking to reorganise and to ensure that the local government councils play a more integral role in terms of the facilities across the island. And so you should hear … a statement from the government later this month with respect to the direction of the public facilities within the various jurisdictions across the country,” said Belrose who is Minister for Local Government and Culture.



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  1. What does your administration's decision to undertake reform have to do with people's pay.

    People are awarded millions to do jobs of significantly lesser value while some cannot afford to put bread on their tables.

    Frankly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Stop the crap.

  2. My favorite phrase for 2017, “We are working on a plan”, this is a self fulfilling prophecy. Knowing that there’s a plan is justification of not getting things done in a timely manner, especially when the need is great.

  3. You've danced around the issue and questions ask so nicely. So fleet and light of foot madam.

  4. Fortuna should think long and hard about getting a mirror installed in her home. Seriously.

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