Italy bomb: World War Two device forces mass evacuation in Fano

Italy bomb: World War Two device forces mass evacuation in Fano
The bomb was discovered on a construction site

(BBC) – Some 23,000 people have been evacuated in a town in central Italy after an unexploded bomb from World War Two was found during excavation work.

Officials in Fano had said the British-made bomb might explode after it was accidentally activated.

Patients were removed from a hospital and train services were suspended before army and navy experts removed the device and dropped it into the sea.

Schools were ordered to remain shut on Wednesday.

The 1.1m (3.6ft) long bomb, weighing 225kg (500lb), was found on Fano’s seafront during the construction of a drain.

People and buildings within a radius of 1.8km of the device were evacuated. Almost a third of the population of the town – some 220km from Rome on Italy’s Adriatic coast – were affected.

The port and airport were also closed, with Mayor Massimo Seri saying the measures were needed because the removal operation was “dangerous”.

After working overnight, experts removed the bomb in the early hours of Wednesday.

Public offices would remain closed until 13:00 (12:00 GMT) but residents were told they could start returning to their homes.


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  1. omg just imaine if a truck had hit that whilst working in the area the devastation that bomb could have cause and what is scary is imagine there are lots more like it maybe other places just waiting to explode. i wonder when they dropped it in the sea if it exploded


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