“It was a pleasure leading you St. Lucia Zouks and Stars”: Darren Sammy

“It was a pleasure leading you St. Lucia Zouks and Stars”: Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy * File photo

Former West Indies Captain Darren Sammy remains upbeat despite being fired as captain of the St. Lucia Stars due to their dismal showing in the ongoing Caribbean Premier League where they have racked up six straight losses.

In a post on his Instagram account on Thursday, August 17, Sammy not only announced his sacking, but thanked everyone for their support and rallied his teammates to “finish on a high”.

The post read: “I will always stand up for my team win or lose. The good leader take more than his share of the blame and less than his share of the credit. It was a pleasure leading you St Lucia Zouks and Stars.. Massive thank u to all the players, staff, fans and supporters especially my sweet st lucia. ✌✌#Sacked #ShriwiwiwiToThat now let’s finish on a high..”

Shane Watson has been appointed captain for the remainder of the season while Marlon Samuels has been named vice-captain.

“After six successive defeats in the 2017 season, the time is right to make a switch in leadership and incorporate some fresh thinking as the team completes this season and builds for 2018,” the franchise said in a statement on Thursday (August 17).

“The Stars management would like to take this opportunity to thank Darren Sammy for his contribution as captain this season and throughout the last four editions of Hero CPL,” it added.

Sammy, who led Windies to two World T20 titles, however, remains in the Stars’ squad for the ongoing edition of the domestic T20 league.


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  1. Darren Sammy is not ready for cricket and is fearful of being hit for runs its a good decision to fire him he is not a leader but a conductor


  2. Sammy has proven himself but normally when a team performs badly the leader is sacked. Truth is I don't even feel bad about it because I know he has proven himself


  3. The team performed dismally, so why single out Sammy. That can never be good for his moral and by extension the team, unless there is some fiction in the background that makes the player no longer trust his leadership.

    Question have to be raised about the team and when it is balanced technically and mentally. I guess they could not fire the team so someone had to take the fall. Unfortunately, it is Daren's turn this time. I expect his o do the usual and embrace this failure.....and come back stronger than ever.

    The decision to fire Sammy seems rather strange decision but I hope it pay off....although the facts suggest otherwise.


  4. Nobody can tell me changing their name from Zouks to Stars wasn't a blight!!! Last year was the strongest they had played and instead of progressing 20 steps were taken back....What effect can Watson have on the team at this point smhhh


  5. When i saw stars team it seemed the result would be same but not in my worst nightmare did i saw sammy sacked as a captain. This guy is so humble i feel for him. But i can only say play good cricket and leave everything else you have genuine fan following sammy and few cricketers can achieve that


  6. We can't blame Sammy for the 6 straight losses. The team's defeats was due to the poor performance of most of its key players particularly its bowlers. All the bowlers except Shillingford have been ineffective and also expensive. In addition, the team's fielding and catching has been atrocious. In fact with its poor bowling and fielding, its unlikely that this team will be able to defend even 200 runs!!

    But if its true that Sammy was given the opportunity to resign and refused then I have to fault him. In fact Sammy should have taken the initiative and offer his resignation after the last match here and not suffer the embarrassment of allowing himself to b sacked!
    Five consecutive defeats at home! Unheard of!. And a sixth in TnT! Too much. Sammy should have been relieved not to have to carry that burden on his shoulders.

    Its unfortunate that the player after whom our cricket stadium is named is leaving behind an embarrassing legacy of being dismissed as captain of so many teams!


    • So if you get fired more than once from your job it is an embarrassment?

      History will show that Sammy is a WINNER. I doubt it will be as kind to you.

      Just so you know there is nothing WRONG with FAILURE. Rather doing nothing about it is the REAL problem.


      • History will show that Sammy is a so so cricketer with a stadium named after him in some third world country. The guy has a good heart and fight but he aint that good. Hence the sackings. Deal with it.


    • You are wrong!
      Usain Bolt arguably the greatest track and field athlete of all time came 3rd in his last individual race and could not finish the relay. So.....that makes him a failure in the end and destroys his legacy? NOT ONE BIT!
      When you guys set up the sorts of conclusions that you have done here in your comment you really must intelligently work through the analysis before putting it down in words.


      • no. Bolt has won over 20 grand races and only placed 3rd in one. placing 3rd is still medaling. So you can say since his rising he has medalled in every race. So thats an average of 100% medalling. noone says sammy should lead in winning every match, but to have a whole tournament losing 6 out of 10 with 6 straight losses. thats 60% loss at 100% loss effective to game 6.
        add that to the previous dismal performances and captaincy and his legacy is a fading star.
        Now when you look at his whole career, its nothing to shout about.
        You cant call a man great just because he is from St.Lucia. As a lucian myself, I think what we call greatness, is usually just seen with rose glasses. We are a mediocre country with little standards. And if Sammy is our standard of greatness cricket wise, then we will remain short of much in the future.


  7. Sammy u left the church for pleasure of the world now GOD is taking everything from you better you seek him


  8. Sammy should have spoken against the ridiculous curse/hee... nonsense. Civilized people want attend the games also what a shame it is especially when young kids are involved. It is all a degrading thing for the nation and is also like a curse on Sammy and cricket West Indies in Saint Lucia SAMMY WAS RAISED BETTER. I'M NOT SAYING THAT HE IS COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE BUT HE DOES HAVE A FORUM TO SPEAK AGAINST IT. Cursing is an offense to the Most High. This has resulted in me and my family being shut out of cricket. I'M SURE THERE ARE OTHER FAMILIES IN MY SHOES. . LIKE IF YOU AGREE TO INDICATE SUPPORT.


    • And here comes the religious nut job. Be reminded how your precious bible was given to black people.


  9. Can you seriously tell me that a man who captained the WI to 2 T20 world cups cannot captain the zouks/stars? When you buy inferior bowlers and batsmen and Kamran Akmal what do you expect?When you see Akmal try to get out in three successive balls and let him continue to play in the team what do you expect? Unable to defend 170+, when Jamaica can defend 129 what do you expect. From 85 for 2 to 120 for 6 what do you expect?Has SW had any innings of note in the tournament? At least Sammy scored 60 not out in the match decided by D/L. For a team that reached the playoffs and probably further, this one is not good enough. Sammy's motivation can only go so far and I think he will be relieved as being the face of the stars during those post match interviews was quite deflating.


  10. they couldn't even wait for the end? management must go. what kind players dat on d team. they didn't choose those players wisely at all. Sammy is doing his best - nothing to do with the captain and Shane Watson of all people? well show us his track record. our cameras continue to watch


      • great tradesmen use whats available to finish the job. They can even invent missing tools with spare parts. jackass. Sammy could have at least pull one win out of his ass with these players. Change the lineup, select bowlers strategically, etc. Thats the captain's job. he failed over and over.


  11. Taking captaincy from Sammy might be a good thing for him. It will ease off the pressure on him and cause him to perform better. But putting Watson and Samuel in charge is rediculous. Watson hasn't performed and Samuels has no leadership skills.


  12. Taking captaincy from Sammy might be a good thing for him. It will ease off the pressure on him and cause him to perform better. But putting Watson and Samuel in charge is rediculous. Watson hasn't performed and Samuels has no leadership skills.


  13. I have read all the comments and some of the comments are either plain ridiculous, parochial or unfair. Some food for thought:

    1. Has anyone taken the time to analyze the composition of the Stars team? It's laughable. Compared to the other teams the Stars looks like a string of bits and pieces players. Most of them have had little to no match practice or international cricket in months. No level of captaincy can make this team win any match.

    2. Watson???? Are you kidding me? When last did he captain anything? When last did he play for Australia? And more importantly how pathetic has his performance been during this CPL? Is that the inspirational leader that the Stars need to rebuild and move forward????

    3. Leadership. If what one "commenter" is to be taken to a logical comparison, then let's go there. Sack Sammy for 6 loses on the trot. OK. granted. But also sack him as captain and player after winning two World Cups for the Windies? How do justify this?

    4. Who top scored for the Stars so far?


  14. sammy sad to say, you had to go. And you do take more credit when you win, as you did in the wordl t20. I lost respect for you there. Charles did more to make the team win, and you got all the credit, and didnt highlight his contributions when your government and ppl made it seem like only you are a player locally. Thank you for your hard work over the years, time move on and so do we. All the best.


    • He don't need your thank you he got enough from genuine people you are not one of them no thank you


      • being genuine does not mean I have to hide my face to speak truth. being genuine means telling one it as it is. And not painting wrong picture just to be "nice hearted"
        Praising him while he fails wont help him. Constructive criticism is more efficient


      • So i guess he needs yours right? We unknown individuals dont really matter to these guys you know. LOL
        you must be a star struck clown


  15. Seriously? The coaches are the ones who have to be sacked. You have a team with an average age of 35. Where are the youngsters rising through the ranks? Bad decision by Stars management. It will come back to hunt them. Thank you for the years Darren Sammy.. St. Lucia's golden boy.


  16. Darren Sammy was naive to believe Samuels, Watson and the likes would play their best for him. When you play with teammates who have in the past shown disrespect and disregard for you it is much more difficult to consolidate and win even one game. Also Taylor has not been good in the death overs with a few others showing no urgency and no desire to win. Only Sammy appeared to have fire in the belly but he could not transfer it to his teammates. This move is also in response to poor fan support for the team in Saint Lucia. Don't be surprised if the Saint Lucia Stars soon become The Dominica ...