“It started about 13 years ago when I got the call from my best friend” – Annual School Bag Drive in Soufriere nears completion

By Horace Cunningham, SNO Staff Writer

4593fe01-683a-4dea-9990-1067845f7b2eWalter Mathurin’s drive to collect bags for underprivileged children in the Soufriere area is nearing completion.

The drive, started 13 years ago, began first as a project to help students from Mathurin’s and his best friend’s former school.

“It started about 13 years ago when I got the call from my best friend, Calixtus Joseph, informing me that he was sending a barrel of school supplies to our old school and asked me if I wanted to contribute. I happily obliged,” he said.

“The following year, we collaborated on the project again; Just the 2 of us. Each year after, it’s been a Wally project; although Calixtus always contributes,” he said.

The drive has so far helped hundreds of children with a utility that is often over-looked but vital to children going to school.

Mathurin issued a thank you to those who contributed:

“this is a “Thank You,” to all those who donated or contributed. Merle Mathurin, Ernest Jones, Clinton Alexander, Allen Craig Harris, Catherine Ramjeawan (Alex, Ma Paul), Vincent Lys Luc, Nadiege Alfred, Nigel L Laforce, Ronald De Suze, Vee Vee Alexander (Vicky), Stevelawrence Banette, Magaritta Cadette, Francis Dolor, Louvina St. Prix, Allison James, Kevin Henderson, Alberta Fletcher, Barbara Dormand, Eudoxia Gangerdine-Jules, Glorianna Joseph, Kimberly Johny, Ynot Thomas, George Gallion, Lucas Mathurin, Janice Mathurin, Myrna Mathurin, Utonia Marque, Michael Kasim, Philippe Francois  and last but not least, my best friend, Calixtus Joseph,” he said.

He also issued a special thanks to the Soufriere Foundation who is responsible for clearing the bags at Customs.

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  1. Awesome job and I would like to say THANK YOU! For making this happen. God bless you all who make this possible

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