Issues with Victoria Hospital and the Saint Lucia police force (letter to the editor)

Issues with Victoria Hospital and the Saint Lucia police force (letter to the editor)
The letter writer's injured son.
The letter writer’s injured son.

Dear Editor: On Saturday, August 25 my son was involved in a motorcycle accident and was taken to Victoria Hospital with multiple lacerations and his jaw fractured in two places.

My son was discharged on the Monday with nothing done except having received stitches to the lacerations. He was also given painkillers paracetamol and voltaren but no antibiotic.

My son was born in Antigua but raised in Saint Lucia where he did all of his schooling. His father is Saint Lucian. Given the fact that my son doesn’t have an NIS card he was refused surgery as a trauma patient in the ER.

My thing is, if I was visiting my son in Saint Lucia and got in an accident, would that have been the same treatment?

What oath do the doctors take at that hospital, where a trauma patient comes to the ER and refused medical treatment because he doesn’t have an NIS/NIC card? And why has my son been refused a card because he wasn’t born there when his heritage or lineage is Saint Lucian? Once you are working and can pay contributions then I don’t know why a card cannot be issued.

In Antigua, as long as you are employed you are required to pay contributions. The only difference with the card is an annotation saying where the person is from.

Also, the police are not doing a proper investigation because all they are saying is they’re fed up of bikers. Now I am an investigator and after watching the video and the placement of all the vehicles, it is clear that my son was knocked off his bike, and not him overtaking and hitting the pick up.

Now my son is laid up in bed in pain, and we are trying to raise $6,000 dollars for his surgery. Something needs to be done to help my son, and a proper investigation carried out.

– By N.K.


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  1. Lady welcome to St Lucia, My brother was shot whilst sitting by a friends home minding his business and to this date he has a bullet in his neck he is now disabled, needs 45,000 E C for surgery and not one thing has been done for him to this date. He is born St Lucian and if you think he could have gotten a CT scan the hospital didn't even have that they took him to Tapion hospital where they extorted 3000 Ec from the family in order to get the CT and not one thing was done since then, you first have to pay a consultant to tell you that he needs to have a CT scan and after you go back to the Victoria Hospital, sit there and WAIT. I have never heard such things in my entire life and I am just amazed that people live in such conditions and no one has seen it fit to fix this bullshit healthcare system because MOST LUCIANS will DIE before they receive any time of help in any situation be it critical or minor. GOOD LUCK with that, because its time for you guys to make changes or else one day you will find yourselves in this same situation and believe you me it maybe to late.


  2. So sad, a young man's life is at stake here. Is his employer paying nic contributions for him. If he is working here it should be paid.

    Also why do people pay health insurance and when a doctor have to be seen, or a visit to the hospital the insurance cards are not ask for. One has round monies when at the time they don't have to first pay doctor and after put in a claim, every month one pays the insurance company. This I think should be revised.


  3. Kings county dont let lucians die from their illnesses. They treat illegal immigrants without a problem why tf they doing that.


    • There is nothing to be gullible about because tou don't know my financial background or anything about me, all I am trying to do is expose a flaw in the healthcare system when it comes to deal with trauma patients but I guess if you werent gullible Maybe you would have voted for what was right in your country and the system made better


  4. I am not aware of a single country where an individual is refused medical treatment for being a non-citizen. You know fully well that your son was NOT denied surgery. The issue is that he would be required to pay more than St Lucian nationals would ordinarily pay - and this is customary with almost every country. How else would they compensate for free/low cost services for locals?? If you don't have insurance, and are a non-citizen, then you WILL be required to pay international fees. But don't have the public believe that your son was ACTUALLY denied surgery. You just did not want to pay the $6000 fee. Furthermore, if you son is LEGALLY working, why doesn't he have an NIC? You were better off starting a gofundme page to ask for $6000 than to write an article omitting half the facts!


    • makes complete sense to me (TAA) ...........y should he be denied treatment because he is a non sweet lucia


      • What a vacuous comment! Just to clarify - born and raised in St Lucia, been to 17 countries (including the USA) and spent over 15 years in Canada. And I've received triage care (both emergency and walk-in) in Canada, the USA as well as St Lucia. So I promise you I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.


      • I agree, saint Lucia is backward in the healthcare system why arent we good as martinique which are our neighbors in which we could sustain the training from,its the main reason I dont vote cuz st lucia is to back ward when it comes to the health care of their ppl there's no unity among us an it's sad that's why the health care is so poor


        • Martinique is a region of France, hence their highly developed health care system. We cannot possibly compare ourselves to them when they're being subsidized by France. Sadly, we just don't have the facilities to provide better health care. I do agree with you that we're backwards in many ways (not just health care). Unfortunately, we probably won't see change - At least in this generation.


  5. Sorry this story is not adding up. Doea your son work in St.Lucia ? Every employee must have an NIC card once they are over 16 years old. How did he get a licence to ride moyorcycles in St.Lucia? Futther more no one is refused medical care in SLU , if you are not an NIC contributor , you will be billed by tge hospital. Did he provide his information ?


  6. That is really sad. The things an individual have to go through at times at the hospital is unbelievable. I feel your pain. Really hope he gets the medical treatment and financial treatment that he deserves...just curious though - was he wearing a helmet?


    • This is sad but have you been to the other developed countries? They won't even look at you if you don't have insurance or cash upfront.


  7. Did your son have a license for a motorcycle? Was the motorcycle registered and insured? Was he wearing a helmet? All these questions have to be answred before i give an ounce of sympathy


    • Topek if you have to answer these questions in order to feel sympathy then you my friend have lost your humanity. Get in tune with Nature and the Universe while there's still time.


      • Why would i value his life if he doesnt value it him self? Would u be sympathetic if he smashed into your car and caused a fatality? Would you feel sympathy then? Mr self righteous in touch with the universe. Kek ur just another pleb. Another is born every second.


  8. You know the sad thing? He would have gotten royal treatment and fluffed pillows and nurses waiting on him hand and foot. IF HE WAS "WHITE TOURIST". had this happened to a "WHITE TOURIST" TheY would have gotten the surgery free of charge and all the best things medical can offer. This is the SICK society we live in where the governoment would rather take proper care of "WHITE TORUIST" than to take care of their own. There have been actual situation where tourist were hospitalized becasue of an incident and they got treatment no question ask. Even in the case of murder.


    • First of all you idiot, I've lived in St Lucia 28 years of my life, never seen a "white tourist" on a motor cycle. Additionally, most tourists visiting from overseas HAVE TRAVEL INSURANCE to cover the cost of incidents like this.


    • Well I have to say I am a white tourist and just spent a week on your beautiful island my wife and I spent over 13,000 us. We were going to come back next year but I think now I’ll spend my white money somewhere else, if I want to hear racist rants I can stay home and save my money.


      • So sorry that you’ve been subjected to these disgusting racially offensive comments. I’m a white st Lucian national. Born and raised here. And I too am constantly the subject of racist comments. Only ignorant people make those types of comments so forgive the level of illiteracy here. I do hope your stay was pleasant and that you do decide to return


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