Israel begins telling African migrants to leave

Israel begins telling African migrants to leave

(AFP) — Israel began warning thousands of African migrants Sunday that they must leave by the end of March, officials said, under a plan that could see them jailed if they refuse.

On January 3, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced implementation of a plan to deport about 38,000 migrants who had entered the country illegally, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese.

The controversial plan gives them until the end of next month to leave voluntarily or face jail and eventual expulsion.

Immigration authority spokeswoman Sabine Haddad told AFP that officials began issuing migrants letters on Sunday advising them that they had 60 days in which to leave the country voluntarily.

For now, the notices are being given only to men without families, officials said.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz said “anyone recognised as a victim of slavery or human trafficking, and those who had requested asylum by the end of 2017 but haven’t gotten a response” would also be exempt for now.

It added that this left the number subject to near-term deportation at “between 15,000 and 20,000 people”.

The authority is offering those who agree to leave a grant of $3,500, a flight ticket and help with obtaining travel documents.

Should they not leave by the deadline, the grant would be reduced and “enforcement measures” would be taken against them and anyone employing them, the authority says.

Israel refers to the tens of thousands of African migrants who entered the country illegally from neighbouring Egypt as “infiltrators”.

Israeli officials tacitly recognise that it is too dangerous to return Sudanese and Eritreans to their troubled homelands, but local media say the notices do not specify where departing migrants would be sent.

Aid workers and media have named Uganda and Rwanda, although both countries deny being a destination for migrants being expelled involuntarily.

Public opposition to the plan has been slow to build, but some Israeli airline pilots have reportedly said they will not fly forced deportees.

Academics have published a petition and Israeli Holocaust survivors wrote an open letter to Netanyahu last month pleading with him to reconsider.

The UN refugee agency has called on Israel to scrap the plan, calling it incoherent and unsafe.

A 2016 UN commission of inquiry into Eritrea’s regime found “widespread and systematic” crimes against humanity, and said an estimated 5,000 people flee the country each month.

The International Criminal Court has indicted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide linked to his regime’s counter-insurgency tactics in the Darfur conflict.


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  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all,for some reason if these type of individuals could’ve shipped us out of our own country of St.Lucia I think they would.


  2. When black people will unify them self with each other stop the black on black crime on people who look like them,practice love,peace and livity within one accord in unison with each other,then we will be respected,Imagine The Prime minister of Israel asking blacks to leave Israel,black people land,the original Jews,Who first occupied the land which is so rightly ours,then you know times are Near...But i say to the demons,Your time is Near,nearer than you think.....He who does not hear will feel.....He who does not believe,will see....So do all you'll dirt,dont say you'll,did not know....


  3. how is that not voting for palestine working out for us black people? so not surprised that they do not want black people in their land. it amazes me that they ask for reparations after the war and turn around and treat others like shit too. And the very hypocrites backing their demands have failed to consider reparations for the millions of blacks they slaughtered and threw to sharks on the transatlantic slavery voyage; yes we looking at you Britian, America, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy. these countries can give war guilt to Hitler, but fail to take any responsibilty for the blacks that their people murdered and abused many years ago. my people were shackle in chains, left in our own excrement for months on end. and those who dared to make it, were branded like cattles when they reached the shores. then they were made to work and beaten to death when they could not comply. we have not forgotten. time that Hitler's old country say to you other white people; time's up. no more demands!


    • Shut up. Always playing the victim. Do you think reparations would change anything? My man, these African Countries are some of the most resource-rich countries in the world. But yet, corruption, infighting, greed, debauchery consume them.

      The answer to your plight for "black people" is not money, I assure you. The answer is for "black people" to accept responsibility for their destiny and pick themselves up. As long as we continue to sell our selves as disadvantaged and beg for handouts we will never rise. The change must come within.


      • Shut up pwet la. you drank the koolaid. Ask Israel about the billions they have been paid in reparations. And ask them if they said no to it. but its stupid people like you that always masquerading clueless around the place thinking your are birght and intelligent when your response shows no critical thinking skills. where in that comment did u read that black people should not be responsible for themselves? we demand reparations!


    • But you don't have to go too far. St. Lucians themselves try to push others out of here while we are illegal aliens in US, Canada, UK and elsewhere. We also repatriated a number of East Indians who were victims of crime. Ironically, while we were charging the alleged perpetrators with human trafficking we were unprepared to call the students victims and accord them the proper treatment under UN rules. We seemed only to support what our political party was saying in order to avoid them being held accountable to a crisis which they themselves had seemingly created or abetted.

      A case of pot calling kettle black. Fix your house before you tell others to do the same.


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