Isaac stands by her message, says gov’t needs licks with “big, big stick” for mismanaging economy

Isaac stands by her message, says gov’t needs licks with “big, big stick” for mismanaging economy
Isaac called out for her Whatsapp message by the SLP.
Isaac called out for her Whatsapp message by the SLP.

She has stuck to her WhatsApp message.

Civil Service Association (CSA) President Mary Isaac has said that while she believes that her privacy was violated when a post she sent to her CSA executive Whatsapp group chat members was used in a press release, she stands by her words.

The message, sent on Sunday, July 6, read: “Good morning. Remember to watch Chastenet’s (sic) Program on DBS tonight at around 8pm. Licks in Govt tail.”

The Saint Lucia Labour Party, in a press release on Monday, July 7, and as it has done in the last few weeks, questioned Isaac’s motives as the CSA president. Referring to Sunday’s message, the party accused her of being politically motivated and not working in the best interest of her organisation.

The SLP labelled the CSA president’s message as “unbecoming of a senior civil servant and clearly breaches the rules and traditions of the Public Service”.

“Despite the customary angry retorts from Mary’s newfound UWP friends, the Labour Party still believes it is reasonable to ask whether Mary Isaac is pursuing her own political agenda or representing the interest of the hundreds of civil servants who continue to be worried about the future of their jobs,” the SLP said in its press release.

But in an interview with SNO on Monday, July 7, Isaac repeated her words: “I really think that the government needs a lot of licks with a big, big stick… for mismanaging the economy.”

Isaac, while stating that she does not see the issue as something that is newsworthy, sought to explain the reason behind the WhatsApp message.

“The message is just saying to members in my chat room – a group of members who I know would not spill it out – that they should watch for it (the show). It was just a reminder for them to watch… So I do not see anything wrong with the message. But I am saying, it is wrong for somebody to be in my chatroom without me inviting them in. It’s an invasion of privacy…” she said.

Isaac further accused the government of mismanagement.

“It [the message] doesn’t say anything that anybody doesn’t know. I think everybody knows that the government is mismanaging the economy… Somebody ought to be straightening them out,” she added.


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  1. St. lucia is slowly crumbling away...increase crime, unemployment, poverty and so on. However saint lucians don't realise that the PM is taking notes of our behaviour. we cry every day that things are hard in the country but yet still every weekend there is a fete plus boat rides and so forth; and to attend these events we always have to be best dressed.. so take a minute and ask your self if the PM sees that lucians are still spending despite financial challenges would he care...NO. Also, at this current stage if the PM wants to reduce the wage expenses,why not take the bigger step and start with the wage cut from minsters just like Grenada did a few years ago. It would be sad to let the IMF come in and take over as St.lucia is the only OECS country currently holding the EC$ value. If more st.lucians would do their own research and not let political leaders fool them, st lucia would not suffer so much.


  2. I am at a lost as to why Mary Isacc continues to "overrepresent" herself in the media. I wonder whether the CSA sees the damage that Mary Isacc continues to do to the organization with her misguided interest. She has gotten to the point where it is Mary Isacc Vs. the SLP. I think that all right thinking CSA members should dissociate themselves from Mary Isacc and her recklessness before it is too late. Also I feel that Mary should shield herself from her recklessness as a leader and allow her PRO ( Public Relations Officer) to speak to the media from now on. The Executive and all right thinking members of the CSA should censor Mary Isaccs comments to the all media (including social media)from now on.


  3. Let's go the IMF route and be done with it. Too much politics involved. Who laughs last...........


  4. T those who are clamoring and saying Kenny is the problem....I say 'you haven't seen anything yet'...this matter could have been resolved peacefully. But oh now! the IMF will show them. Can't wait. Send them home...loose the next election, and see them clamor even more when Chastanet takes over because then and only then they will learn the truth that Kenny's warnings were backed by facts.


    • It's not only the UWP that can be an alternative to run the country after we kick kenny out. There is also the LPM. The UWP is also a tainted party and we need new ideas.
      What about a bipartisanship approach on matters that affect all St.lucians? I guess our politics is not mature enough for that to happen.


      • The lack of a proper education, the lack of personal courage, the common lack of commonsense, and the sad lack of maturity and groveling child-like begging dependency, all mean that SAINT LUCIANS ARE NOT PREPARD TO ACCEPT MONORTY PARTIES, AND INDEPENDENT BUT QUALIFIED AND TECHNICALLY SKILLED PERSONS as candidates and THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO THE TWO BLASTED CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTIES!

        There is such poverty of spirit in this country that the reins of government in and out have been haplessly handed over to the knaves, the depraved and some real reprobates.


  5. I don't know of one Public Servant who is not willing to make a sacrifice for the better of our Saint Lucia. Making the sacrifice is NOT the problem; lack of Public Confidence in Kenny Anthony is the problem. Why in heaven's name should public servants trust Kenny to do something that he has proven, time and time again, he is incapable of doing.

    Had Kenny been the type of leader he pretends to me, this whole situation would never have gotten to this.


  6. I'm getting so tired of the back and forth. The reason we are in this economic mess is because we look at political parties and colours. We as a people must seek to help our country and not dwell on which party did what. So are we going to keep bashing the current government till the next election(and if yellow gets in bash them when that time comes) or are we going to deal with the situation at hand and try to minimize the problem. We are in debt and its not Kenny Anthony's fault. Its a culmination of all red and yellow sweeping our problems under the carpet because we don't want to seem weak. Now the dustpile is so high the carpet can't hide it. Stop bickering and let's try to manage it!


  7. The crisis is not Dr.K, it is the unions. Instead of working together as has been done in St.Kitts and many other nations, the SL unions only think of themselves, getting free publicity, and maximizing the amount of dues coming in. Ever try to leave a union in SL... they make it extremely difficult. The unions are never satisfied and drive away good businesses. Sad.


    • THE CRISIS IS Dr. Kenny Anthony, a very square peg in the wrong hole and horse past its prime and needs to put out to pasture. THE CHAP HAS OUTLIVED ANY USEFULNESS AS A MINISTER OF FINANCE.

      If he had the EQ to not to have entrapped himself with supporting by MARCHING with the CSA for a wage increase that Jadia said that HE KNEW BEFOREHAND COULD NOT BE SUSTAINED BY THE ECONOMY, but went ahead to do it, just to gain re-election, what kind of character does this? Ask yourself this question? What kind of character does this?

      Plunging the ENTIRE country into debt and injecting even more debt after coming into office. IS THAT WHAT RESPONSIBLE MINISERS OF FINANCE AND PATRIOTS DO WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONSEQUENCES?

      It is Machiavellian. It is the heights of callousness, that the WHOLE nation TODAY has to suffer FOR THE AMBITIONS OF JUST ONE SINGLE PERSON, hell-bent in CLAMING AND RETAINING THE TITLES of Prime Minister and MINISTER OF FINANCCE FOR LIFE!


      I have absolutely no sympathy for voters who get caught in the travails of their self-inflicted behaviour where their voting habits are dictated by 'black politician good, khaki-colured politician better'.

      There is a price to be paid for such ignorance. We are paying for this now!!!!

      When one day we finally dump this attitude and become mature enough to vote for candidates who are independent enough to stand for country instead of party, we will prosper.

      Up to now, benefits flow to those who cower before the khaki-coloured and lighter-skinned gods, that we have been worshipping from slavery to today. The curse of this idolatry will prevail. We have not yet come to terms with the sins of this pathetic ignorance and idolatry as yet.

      It strikes me as being very awkward to hear Vieux Fortians PRAISING GOD, THAT GOD HAD SENT THEM A WHITE SON TO REPRESENT THEM.

      We always get the government we deserve. Ain't it so Saint Lucians?


  8. Mary, Mary quite contrary, it is time to sit and discuss the issues and stop playing merry go round with Chastanet


  9. Oh Mary quite contrary no one hacked your whatsapp account. You've got yourself a BIG MOLE in your camp! ha ha ha


  10. Aben Bon,Lord put a hand. I find these things are so petty. there are more important matters that need taking care of.


  11. St.Lucia being in this shit it is what is more important to The Prime Minister & The operatives of The SLP.Is it The Economy, Unemployment,Crime,Etc. or Miss Mary Issac? I want to know?


  12. So tired of this crap! We need solutions. It will serve all of us better to sit together and discuss the real issues. Let us stop dividing our nation by colours. Emancipate yourself from mental salvery. Whenwill we ever be truely free!


  13. I hope for their sake that there is no legal basis for any legal action on the part of CSA,a nd that the message was leaked by someone who had authorized access to the chat.


  14. Leave the woman alone. I also think slp deserves licks too and she has the right to her opinion just like u and everyone else. Her privacy was invaded and this is very dirty and underhanded tatics being employed by this government who should be working on ways to improve the economy instead of doing pettiness like issuing bullshit press releases


  15. When miss Isaac goes out in public and makes statements(fact/ inaccurate) that paint the government in a bad light don't you think it is the right of the SLP to come to the defense of it's government? I have no difficulty with the lady expressing her views or meeting with whoever she wants or even supporting whichever political party she chooses. Equally I see nothing wrong in the SLP responding to what they view as an attack on the government by miss Isaac. It is interesting that she has found it necessary to appear on almost every talk show on Island but has so far refused to meet with the employer who is proposing the pay cut. All this back and forth between miss Isaac and the SLP is just political theatre and those singing praises have no interest in seeing this issue resolved amicably. If we are still here fighting over "the way it was done" more than a month later, can you imagine what the reaction would be if the talks had been held before and consensus could not be reached before budget time and the PM had included it in the estimates? I keep hearing this thing about the best brains in the PMs' office not being able to come up with a plan. Isn't the proposal put forward a plan? I am a public servant and would definitely not want my salary cut. So if we have a better plan let's go to the table and present it.


    • You had better watch it!

      Man, I am telling you, that this is a very sad day for Saint Lucia.

      ONLY COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS LIKE NORTH KOREA AND OTHER COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS LIKE CUBA are opposed to their citizens, in whatever capacity, painting these so-called democracies "in a bad light".


      We ALL know for sure, how SO VERY CLOSE Mr. Anthony is to FIDEL CASTRO and his BROTHER RAUL CASTRO.

      It is time to get this communist out of the government buildings once and for all.

      It would seem that we have traded a few "barefoot doctors" for democracy in Saint Lucia.

      We must ALL REMAIN VERY VIGILANT, that this communist prime minister does not take us any further down the road to Hell and back.

      Piece by piece, the wool is coming off our eyes. The deceit is becoming more exposed.

      Mr. Anthony is an extremely dangerous political character to have in government on all fronts.

      We all know from past and recent behaviour that he is EXTREMELY POWER HUNGRY hungry and will do anything, EVEN DESTROY the economy to gain and retain power.

      Mr. Anthony speaks of a CRISIS FACING SAINT LUCIA. But people, MR. ANTHONY IS THE CRISIS!


  16. Leave Mary alone. Today is her, tomorrow is Rick wayne, Timothy Poleon or Clinton reynolds - that's how SLP operates. They target and try to destroy. This lady has done nothing wrong and we as a nation should be more aware now of how this govt operates. Kenny and Tony is not for the poor - VAT 15%, 5% cut, no raises on the otherhand UWP - 14.5% increase.


  17. It would have given her more credence if she used the Plural form of the Word.
    But she said it in it's singular form
    So something is up with this confused woman.

    Mr.Pm Bring in the IMF NOW!


  18. AA well you trying to hide something we already know. This is all about politics and will not go down well with those you claim to represent.Members of the CSA are the ones who are going to be at a lost.Good luck with your agenda.


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