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St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202235633 min

Timothy Poleon was livid; he discovered the government was sponsoring a radio talk-show, hosted by a popular TV and Radio personality.  Surely, this cannot be right for public funds to be used in that way, according to Timothy Poleon. And he was right! The government sponsored radio talk-show had nothing to do with the work of government.

In his defense, the talk-show host argued that he was encouraging week-day public debate about the effectiveness of government policies. But all radio and TV talk-shows had been doing the same, especially in the period leading to the last general elections, and they were not government sponsored.

For Poleon, the said sponsored programme was a case of corruption in government and a thorough investigation was needed. Prompted by Poleon’s call for action, self-appointed investigators went to work and successfully discovered monthly invoices billed to the government of Saint Lucia for “Public Service Announcements” aired during a well-known, week-day Radio Talk show, the monthly sum $2812.50.

There was more. For many months before July 2021, these invoices to the government were not being paid, and then something unusual happened. Normally, if invoices for advertising are not being paid, the media house would stop the airing of the ad. But this time it was the ad, though infrequently aired, and the show that were stopped, making the talk show and the supposedly “public service announcements” a single product.

The evidence suggests that the last UWP government was effectively sponsoring a radio talk-show under the guise of paying for “public service announcements.” What remains of this investigation is the uncovering of the radio talk-show and its host. Perhaps, Timothy Poleon needs to answer this one by having a new spin in front the mirror and maintaining some balance.

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