NewsIs the Former Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party at Odds with His Parliamentary Colleagues?

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 1, 2022133704 min

Some observers have been asking the question: Is the former leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party at odds with his colleagues? It has been noticeable that at the last few sittings of the House of Assembly, Dr. Kenny D Anthony has found it necessary to punch holes or point out deficiencies in some of the Bills presented by the government for debate.

While it is his duty to engage in meaningful debate on Bills presented in the House, it is inconceivable that he would not have been given the opportunity to comment or offer advice on Bills prior to them being presented in the House. Sources close to the Party have indicated that Labour Party parliamentarians meet in caucus to discuss Bills prior to House Sittings.

If it is the case that the former leader is not invited to those parliamentary caucus meetings, then he should be invited to lend his experience and expertise to his colleagues in preparation for parliamentary sittings.

His now regular critical contributions, though most times valid, suggest he is either being left out of the loop or he intends to show up his party colleagues. Whichever it is, it suggests that the former leader and Prime Minister Kenny D Anthony is not collaborating with this Labour Party government.

The perceived fissure between Kenny Anthony and his Labour Party parliamentary colleagues appears to have opened wider this weekend during a UWI hosted debate on Saint Lucia’s accession to the CCJ. During his Prime Ministership, Anthony sought the Court’s position on Saint Lucia’s chosen route of accession to the CCJ, with the Court indicating that there was no need for a referendum on the matter. Yet Anthony, a legal expert on constitutional matters, was perhaps in the spirit of providing a full spectrum of legal options, suggesting that if Saint Lucia went the route it currently intends to go, no referendum, that it would be challenged.

Did Kenny Anthony advise the current prime minister accordingly? Or is Prime Minister Philip J Pierre left to find out the opposition he will likely be up against when that final move to accede to the CCJ arrives?

The current Prime Minister had been a loyal and staunch supporter of Kenny Anthony when he was prime minister. Should he now expect the same from Kenny Anthony? Let’s see what the upcoming parliamentary sessions will reveal.

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  • Ras Biko

    March 16, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    Dr. Anthony does not have a track record of getting anything done swiftly. He is extremely meticulous and tends to overthink even the simplest task. After 15 years of his reign, there are still lots of deficiencies in the judicial and political systems. He was too afraid to address contentious issues as a consequence he rather kicks the proverbial can down the street. His antiquated style of governance didn’t bear fruits in the past, why should PM Pierre follow his modus Operandi?
    Yes, PM Pierre will make mistakes but it is better than doing nothing and expecting a different result. Dr. Anthony should ask himself why after 15 years in office St. Lucia still doesn’t have a constitutional reform, an independent judicial system, three coequal branches of government? Further, why in 5 years he couldn’t start the Castries-Gros Islet Highway? Dr. Anthoy’s timidity in problem-solving could cost PM Pierre dearly, as a result, PM Pierre should find his own niche and move aggressively to solve our outstanding problems.


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