Is the devil in the details? (commentary)


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Response to article: Government and DSH committed to preservation

OK, to the writer (Office of the Prime Minister) of the article to which I am responding, please forgive me for nit-picking. However, allow me to point out that there is no hyphen in “ECOSYSTEM”. Now that this is out of the way, for fear of being labelled a “party hack” or “anti-flambeau”, allow me to go on record as having voted for the UWP in last year’s general elections.

I only have a few comments and questions based on the bullet points of the article from our government which was published only a few days ago (

a) Quote from article: “there will be a waterway separating Maria Islands from the Causeway”

The fact that the causeway will not connect the mainland to the Marias still neglects the effects to our fisheries. Savannes Bay and the wider Vieux Fort area is our most valuable fisheries region. What happens when our reefs and seagrass beds are buried under tonnes of rock and sand? What happens when this causeway changes the flow of currents? Shouldn’t food security be a consideration here? Having we considered our fisheries?

How wide will this waterway be? A few meters between the end of this causeway and the islands will lead to the same disastrous result: the extinction of our uniquely St. Lucian wildlife on these fragile landmasses. Mongooses and rats can swim. We have been fortunate thus far that 900 meters of ocean and the prevailing currents have kept these introduced predators off the Marias.

b) Quotes from article: “Studies: Several feasibility studies and tests will be done with renowned reclamation and environmental experts. Detailed Research on Existing Wildlife and Marine Life: The Government and the developer will work with various agencies to do detailed research on all the existing wildlife and marine life around and on the islands”.

We have local environmental experts as well as local and international agencies who have and are continuing to do research on the wildlife of the Maria Islands. We have local marine and terrestrial biologists. Yet, they seem to have not been consulted and are now up in arms about this development. Who will conduct this detailed research and when will this research be conducted? Do the voices of our local experts carry no weight?

c) Quote from article: “The Government has been open and remains open to receiving concerns”.

Seems to me that any persons who express concerns are labelled as “naysayers, liars, mouthpieces of…”, etc. What does it mean to be open to receiving concerns?

d) Quote from article: “Access & Participation: Part of the Causeway will belong to Saint Lucians”.

Which part and how much of the causeway?

e) Quote from article: “Based on the developer’s well-respected track record”

Could you share this record with us please?

There’s an old idiom which says that “The devil is in the details”. So my beloved government, could we the people who elected you, be made aware of the details, less we be devoured unexpectedly by the devil therein.

– LI

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  1. Some pointed questions in this article!

  2. Good Article, though i’m afraid it will fall on deaf ears

  3. Add an “e” to the end of your name…now say it loud and say it proud! Lying hack!

    • Concerned Lucian

      Stumbled across this article quite late apparently. Hmm, I take it that you know for a fact that this writer is a lying hack simply because he asked some pointed questions? Do you care to answer?

  4. Jomoshamgar Lubumba I

    Those who speak don’t know and those who know don’t speak……..

    The Developers have a New Mouthpiece, so they changing their tune.

    “there will be a waterway separating Maria Islands from the Causeway” Horse Sh*T or Dove Sh*t?

  5. Some St.lucians are so ignorant, why can’t you do your research on your own

  6. Since when yall care so much about Maria islet.. when was the last time any of you visited one of these islands to admire the wild life there ? Wild life or Jobs ? Seems people more concerned about the wild life

    • How many jobs of these jobs are guaranteed? Anyway “Anonymous”, we have a responsibility as custodians of this island to develop it sustainably. “The goal of sustainable development is to sustain improvements in human well-being over time and to ensure that what we do today will not deprive future generations of the means to meet their own needs.” It’s never as simple as your question of wildlife vs jobs, or forests vs jobs or fish vs jobs. We humans actually need biodiversity (wildlife, marine life, plants, etc) for our very survival.

  7. SLP hacks will be against everything the ruling party does. Good or bad. What if this project becomes a success,? Wonder what they would say.

  8. Is there any law that says the wild life at Maria Island cannot be relocated? Say to Rat Islet? We do it to people all the time.

  9. Abandon DSH completely. It is creating too much instability on island already which is not about to abate any time soon.

  10. This is the biggest piece of bullshit writing I have ever read. These are all questions, and posting them on social media ? Why didn’t you just post these questions directly to the PM’s office if you were seriously interested in answers ?

  11. Expatriates who have never been to the real St. Lucia

    We the expatriates who do not live in the real St. Lucia where people stay without food to travel from Vieux Fort to Castries for work, only to budget half our monthly budget towards transportation stand united against this project as we live in cap estate and feed our dogs chicken backs. We the expatriots would like you to know that our forebears were the previous owners of this isles (including St. Lucia Major) and stand against a government rightfully elected by the people of St. Lucia. We will therefore stand with the national trust and the labour party unstable communications people to prevent this project. Word to Calixte George Junior! He will be made a senator at the next parliament and will not sell out the country in private deals on yachts, while all the devils involved in details are open for the entire country including no stake having expatriate patriots who somehow made their money outside St. Lucia or inherited lands get to write lurid articles about devils in details.

    • And what about the piece written above tells us that this author is an expat or a hack. I suppose that only expats can and should voice concerns. I suppose that in this land of ours, someone who writes a well written piece questioning some of the decisions of our government is either an expat or a hack. As a Lucian, I find such assumptions quite insulting.

  12. Soon these islets will be no more…what’s the fuss and fight is all about. My eyes they still good, my ears likewise despite I been old, I recall this islet from a child,

  13. My goodness it looks like nobody want to do nothing for them selves any more to be self sustained St.Lucians,some of my people just want the government an outside investment to take control of what they eat an how they eat an with the same breath say SLU is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL an UNSPOILED singing LOVE OH LOVE UR ISLAND HOME without much love for the land that gave you birth wooow i really thought ignorance stupidity died when computers got affordable, now prove me wrong by showing how many thumbs down u’ll can give me because u’ll hungry for being controlled by non Lucians feeding u’ll from whats yours, hey the truth hurts so i know a nasty bashing gona be expected.

  14. First of all you are a liar. There are no base for you information Its baseless. Do you know that once upon a time these islet were connected to the mainland. The reef in this area is disappearing and the causeway could recreate these reef or artificial reef could be created bringing more fish closer to shore. If you are from the south, which I doubt you are, you will realise since the rocks and bolders were placed in the sea at the top of the airport near sandy beach, there has been more fishing activity. Most of the questions from the quotes are stupid anyway.

  15. Biatch plz.

  16. Hahaha…I love this…I await a response with bated breath…:D

  17. Kenny's Delenore Roseveltian dog

    The house you live in has emense effects on the environment. Each year, you household emits tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. You household also dumps thousands of cubic tons of waste into the sea. Infact, studies have should that the entire western seafront is not fit for humans to bathe in. Did I mention solid waste? Every year you and you household dump thousands of tons of waste in to the environment. You have not chosen to give up any of the amenities required to satisfy a zero footprint lifestyle. Here the Government of the day, (which you did not vote for…stop lying to the people) is doing its utmost to guarantee as little harm to the environment as possible, in light of the growing ghettos, youth unemployment and crime rate to bring in employment and boost not only the domestic economy but bring in millions in much needed foreign currency, and you and obvious Calixte George Jr Lookalike (that says a lot!) want to no part of it. Ok! Keep being against the project. Keep acting like the country is not in complete banche’ left to it by none other than the dude who brought Moduro to St. Lucia months before an election to the chagrin of the US. You people are Crazy! Remember when this project was first announced last year? Remember the first rejections of the project? it was about bathing on the beach. Now you have settled on the ecological damage. But you are missing one quite obvious DETAIL, you nameless devil…you basically put these animals and their sanctuary at risk every single day with your very existence! Stop the Calixtegeorgejunioring!

    • Kenny’s dog is dense. More charitably, it is very confused. We understand. Some creatures have limitations, just like their masters.

    • Kenny’s Dog my brother, perhaps you could help me get answers to some of the questions in this article. I too am awaiting some answers.

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