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158cec2b-56b9-4039-992a-a7985afca667PRESS RELEASE – Is Dr. Kenny Anthony Cleaning out the Treasury? The ongoing spate of projects on the island during an election year should be frightening to all St. Lucians, even those that are benefiting directly.

Where has all that money been for the past four years?

From 2011 to-date, the Kenny Anthony administration has been unable to attract any form of direct investment. In addition, the country has recorded a 24.5% unemployment rate with a youth unemployment rate of almost 50%. As a result, the island has been unable to generate new and direct taxes from an expanding business sector and from a reduction in the unemployment rate. Where is that money coming from?

The Saint Lucia Labour Party’s culture has been one of party before country. 100% loyalty to party, first, represents 100% loyalty to country. This means that Kenny D. Anthony is more interested in his party holding on to power in preference to the economic soundness of the island.

Kenny D. Anthony is taking a huge gamble with the finances of the island and the economy of the island. His gamble is based on the premise that if the St. Lucia Labour party wins the next election, it will enjoy another four years of a cooling economy and could point out to the people the good life they enjoyed pre-election.

The second premise is if his party loses the next election, as they will, the incoming United Workers Party find an empty treasury and will have difficulty in meeting the expectations of a hungry and angry population. This will provide Kenny D. Anthony another opportunity to pursue his mischievous way of claiming that the economy was on the re-bound when he was in office and the United Workers Party does not have the capacity to govern.

This will make him relevant, as he has no intentions of retire. Being Prime Minister of Saint Lucia is the only position, which Kenny D. Anthony has held and will ever hold where he will not be accountable to anyone on how he manages other people’s money.

The United Workers Party, social partners and well intention St. Lucians should start sounding the alarm bells that Kenny D. Anthony is on a spending binge. Of course, he will counteract by stating that these people are anti STEP. This argument could be debunked by informing STEP recipients that Kenny D. Anthony is using them to satisfy his selfish political agenda because if he loved them they would not be cutting grass after four years.

They would have formal, long- term sustainable jobs. St. Lucians should demand elections now to save the island from that madness.

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  1. My sentiments exactly writer. I have been talking to persons concerning this for a while now. Let us take the veils off our eyes my people. They could have fooled our forefathers with their strategical wickedness but not us. For this is why they toiled, so as to create an educated generation. Let us inform the government that we are an people. We demand long term employment not seasonal. Roadsides need to be cleaned daily not occasionally.

  2. The step people laugh everytime they have to go to work. Guess why? They end up making more money for half a day's work than the average St. Lucian. To have thought that after 20 years in office Kenny Anthony's main claim to fame is a STEP programme which includes hoards of people cutting grass next to our highways. They are cutting the grass behind the grass literally, while falling over each other. Ive even heard a rumor that there was a proposed snap election date, and that a full scale STEP programme came into place, only for the labour party to realize that it was bad timing, and so an even larger STEP offensive is planned for late May, prior to the June elections. All this is being done on the VAT dime, or through straight up debt. All for a man to somehow claim a legacy. Legacy-Kenny is what he should be called. It will all be over soon. Get your resume's ready, Guyana is calling!

  3. We also have to send a message too the next pm. We need jobs or else ...... u know what comes next. I don't support party. We need a real change. The only way we will get out of this mess is by voting for progress not party. Spread the word if u love our beautiful island. Pls

  4. St Lucian deserves more than that, people need to understand that it is not about party and wake up . Anyone in power has too perform better than that. Or we will try someone else. I grew up with parents glued to party but we are in 2016 people . Wakeup, we need real jobs, that's what we need pm

  5. Look listening to some Bull Shit again, all of you low class third world politicians are the same. the same thinking and doing the same shit so just shut your piss and hope that your party gets back in office to accommodate your stupid and selfish A...

  6. piss in ur eye....

    Kenny right...we should have never voted him and his ppl into office..

  7. Bravo to the writer.....this is exactly what it is !!!!!

  8. Good to see the UWP's hate the poor who are benefiting from such initiatives to put food on their table and send their children to school.

    Good going UWP's!

    And one thinks the UWP care about the poor and can win any General Election? Lol.
    The proof is right here in their own comments. 🙂



  9. There will be a coup if this guy is out of power at 65 and come back 5 years later when he is 70 years old, unless st.lucians are stupid.

    • Yes we have to stop him once and for all. St.Lucians must never forget he DKA helped Lindel Forbes Sampson Burnham destroy Guyana they bought down Guyanese to their knees,and it looks like we are heading to the same direction. To my brothers/sisters lets keep our eyes wide open and see to it that this man NEVER rule St.Lucia again thanks.

  10. Its not called STEP anymore its called "cutting grass behind the grass at the side of the road." If that is seen a a source of employment, I wonder what NCA, the Towns & Villages Council and the various contractors who are paid for road side upkeep are doing? Could we say that they are unemployed for 2 days of 3 weeks? Honestly, i don't know what prevents the PM from looking the people straight in the eyes and say to them "hey things are terrible, i can't mange the economy so i will have to place you on welfare," or "hey i know you voted Labour, now here is $120.00 for your loyalty." But to try to fool an entire country into believing that this is employment is absolutely ludicrous. Its like saying to quote Pip "$5.00 could block a hole." Although such garbage is regularly spewed out out Pip' s mouth. Imagine calling a man a liar, saying that he said that he was a better Minister of Tourism than either he or Menissa. When he was reminded than the guy was never Minister of Tourism, he said "in the future." How could a man lie about a future event? No wonder Kenny cannot fathom the idea of Philip Pierre becoming the next PM.


    Finally someone had to the gumption to call a spade a spade. This piece is my exact sentiments bravo. When will we wake up?

  12. Step is a waste of time. A few dollars for the season, whilst they allegedly basking enjoying life. Lucian's wake up


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