Is Scott Atkins alive and well? Relative comments on teen’s recent Facebook activities

By SNO Staff

A recent posting of Scott Atkins on Facebook.

A relative of Scott Atkins, the 18-year-old male who is being tortured in several viral videos by alleged Venezuelan drug cartel members, is still not sure if the teen is alive despite recent activity on the his Facebook profile page.

The teen’s social media page shows a number of updates – changes in cover and profile photos – between August 21, 2017 and September 6, 2017. Several photos show him posing with known individuals in Saint Lucia.

According to relatives, they have no evidence that the teen is in St. Lucia – or even alive. They believe it is possible that someone, other than Scott, has access to his Facebook profile.

When St. Lucia News Online asked how Scott Atkins is doing, the relative replied:  “…. You must be asking because of recent activities on his account? I have no idea what’s going on.”

The relative, whose name is not being used in this story for security reasons, said neither the Atkins’ mother or sisters have spoken to him directly in recent times.

Asked if the photos posted on his profile are old or new photos, the relative said: “I don’t know. They look like photos that were taken in Trinidad when he first went up.”

The relative said the last time the family has heard from the teen’s alleged captors was in July 2017.

“We have not heard from anyone since the last voice note … asking to remove the video off social media,” the relative said.

Relatives alleged that Atkins, who is originally from Desruisseaux, Micoud, was kidnapped in February 2017 while on “business” in Trinidad and brought to Venezuela where he was held hostage.

Relatives further alleged that the gang claims it is owed over $130,000 USD and if this is not paid, they will kill the St. Lucian teen.

In a number of videos obtained by relatives, Atkins is being beaten while he begs a “Shawn” to pay his captors because they will kill him.

St. Lucia police had confirmed that they have seen the video and are carrying out investigations.

It is still unclear if the ransom was paid and local police had said they were unable to authenticate the videos.


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  1. If police were competent then we would be speaking form an informed position. It is easily verifiable to know such details especially in a digital age.

  2. Y'all exposing the guys whereabouts what if y'all put him in harms way? If he good just say he good y'all see him. Until y'all will make people hold y'all to take then to his place. Drug business is see and blind hear an deaf

  3. ok i saw the boy he is in st lucia at his mother an sister home. he just eh want to get caught by police an to me all that was fake

  4. Well police should investigate more about it then

  5. What a cockup!!!! What a batch of crock!!!! A circus ain't got nutting on all this cow dung....

  6. They guy is alive and well living in agrad as am living morne du don and see him regularly... To the relative saying theu don't knw just in reality don't!

  7. Chppz scott is alive and well in his aunt.smh

  8. The boy alive and kicking I've seen several pics with him looks like he's in martinique living the life. Drugs money making! Instead u come back to the arms of your family ou lah cah fair majee laba...they doesn't hear alllllll young boys these days is the water they want to knock drugs life not easy they made an example of mate and yet still he not coweejaying

  9. Which relactive said that? That's why from start they've been talking so much nonsense it almost cost him his life. Lucians , I've never seen a set of people like that. Time of slavery I think they sent all the story tellers down here. Scott is everywhere in town walking and agarden riding bike. He has not gone to desruisseaux because his mother is ashamed and don't want him to come there. Get your facts right and stop spreading rumors

  10. Thats pictures from last week...scott alive & well and is presently in Lucia


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