Is Dr. Robert Lewis quitting politics?

Is Dr. Robert Lewis quitting politics?
Dr. Robert Lewis
Dr. Robert Lewis
Dr. Robert Lewis

Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries South and Minister of Education and Labour Dr. Robert Lewis was recently questioned by the local media about his political future.

The minister said when he entered politics in 2006 he was questioned about the reason for entering. He said the main objective was to give his service to the field.

Dr. Lewis recalled telling a former student that he would serve at least two terms and then begin to reevaluate.

Questioned as to whether he has made a decision yet, Dr. Lewis said,“When the time is right you will get to know.”

Before entering politics, Dr. Lewis was supervisor and examiner of National Examinations in Mathematics from 1992 to 2006.

In January 2005 he received a Phd in mathematics from the University of Otago.


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  1. Dr. Lewis is not going to quit. St. Lucian politicians don't quit, even when the people vote them out, they still try to remain relevant. Someone once said that Dr. Lewis was a nice boy/too good for politics. That person would have a hard time saying that now as Dr. Lewis has learned all the ways of politicians particularly St. Lucian politicians. In my opinion, he was a promising star who hasn't lived up to expectations and has just become part of the problem.

    I don't see Dr. Lewis getting replaced in his district either as there is no need. The candidate from the other party will not unseat him. If the rationale is that he should be removed as Minister because he is not doing a good job, then a whole bunch of these Ministers need to go. I'll take a wait and see approach on this one but don't think Lewis is going anywhere.


  2. Robert waste of time you had the biggest scandal in the history of the ministry of education (lambirds fiasco) were only interested in your own career, despite the fact you have a doctorate you seemed dull and ignorant most times.... now go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember the virtues of being an MP.

    hasta la vista robert!!!!


  3. Did you say " in 2005 He received a Phd in Mathematics from the University of Otago?"
    excuse my ignorance in this case, but where the hell is Otago? I want to know because
    I want to apply too. That's not a joke.


  4. We Marigot people are praying for him to go . He is a useless District Rep. We don't want him anymore. We wasted our votes. He did not do anything for us. Robert please leave ,


  5. It is alleged that Robert has his eyes on becoming the principal of SALCC.

    While im at it, the former commissioner, Mr Francois my be placed at SLASPA. Just like the former fire chief ....

    From one top post, to another, with your retirement monies in check!

    Is this becoming a trend?


  6. Hahaha --- the best thing about these news articles, in the reaction of the laybah hacks on SLAP. The media will not randomly question someone about their political future if there was not an indication that someone else has been slated for that seat. We tend to belief the “rumour mill” when it suits us or especially when it is about the UWP. Those laybah hacks are in denial and afraid to admit that all is not rosy in their camp. Despite the praying mantis. Lol! IMO this is hardly about Lewis but more about the sly way the SLP behaves and still these blind bats defend them. This man won his seat and is being pushed out. This is an insult to the people who voted for him. What K is doing is pushing him out of what he thinks is a sure laybah seat to put in the dishonest person. This in my mind makes Kenny just as dishonest this person they want to put there. But what is most amusing is the comments by the hacks, who comfort themselves by saying it is the opposition stirring of strife, because they refuse to see that Kenny operates in a sneaky, underhanded way. Blind, blind, blind!


    • SLAPS can provide a good case study of mental disorders in St. Lucia. Half of the rabid, frothing obsessed zombies there require some type of medication. I am appealing to Dr. Swarming to visit Facebook SLAPS to see if he can provide healing to those delusional Idol worshippers.


      • My goodness what a bunch of blind bats! If anything SLAP has highlighted the level of brainwashing that KDA and cronies are capable of, the level of ignorance that is prevalent in this small island and last but not least the level of poor grammar and bad command of the English language that our people have. Sadly too, it is those who should have stayed in school a bit longer, who speak the loudest on SLAP. We have people who call themselves teachers, who allow these people to run amok on SLAP brutalising the English Language, without correcting them for fear of offending them but would attack anyone who opposes SLP instantly on their grammar. Hypocrites! They all need a SLAP


  7. Yes Lewis is giving up his seat for Hilaire to run. Kenny is showing his true colours, no longer is loyalty or dedication recognised. But tanto tanto! The PM seat you grooming Ernest Hilaire for, I hope your other members of government grow a pair and have some backbone to set you straight once and for all. Kenny is running the SLP like it is his personal party with no regard for those who have put in the leg work and stuck with him through thick and thin. How disrespectful and arrogant can that man be.


    • And yourll thought was flambeaus only that have issues...laybar worse Kenny have all of them on an extremely short and tight leash. Even if robert not pleased about Hilaire he or no one in the slp dare say gweck. lol


  8. Robert Lewis will not quit on his own because he loves power. He knows he is not wanted by Kenny because he has not delivered. His ministry has had it's fair share of problems and he was not able to solve them amicably, he had no answers. Every thing was handled by his permanent secretary, he was never around. Robert has run out of ideas. For the past few months he Has showed he is not interested in the Ministry by his demenor. After all the man knows Kenny does not want him so he does not care a damn. Good luck Robert but you have been the worse minister of education we have ever had. Good bye


    • Seem like both you and anonymous are both one and the same who want his position. who u think you fooling? . Coming here on this board masquerading as anything but the manipulating mongoose that you are.


  9. He is absolutely devoid of any meaningfully useful ideas about helping our education system, so that it can lift this country up from its poverty. His skills have not helped anyone but himself. That's quite pathetic.

    I don't know what or where he studied, but that ministry is a sinecure. He is just there warming a seat.. There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about his time in the ministry. Nothing.

    He wil not be missed.

    Today's youth have no stars, no depth, no sense of purpose, and no mission in life, but the short-term hedonistic goal to just enjoy life. For Saint Lucian males it boils down to a boast of how many women you have on the side riding in you Audi.


  10. Dr Lewis n da labour party like keeping st lucianS to much in da dark,n hold too many secrets. Y don't u come out early n let st lucianS n especially your constituents know,dat u hv run 2 terms,n giving up da seat 4 another doctor,earnest hilaire, da earlier you let it out,da better 4 u


  11. So they want you out to make way for none other than the alleged corrupt fella and one of highly questionable moral character at the helm of the Juffalli scandal. I pity you bro. But rest assured that this decision will be the undoing of the SLP. Meanwhile bro pull out your chair in preparation for the karmic laughs that you shall undoubtedly have. That is guaranteed my dear.


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