Irate minibus drivers say their actions have nothing to do with politics

Irate minibus drivers say their actions have nothing to do with politics
Sheldon Leriche, secretary of Route 4B Minibus Drivers Association.
Sheldon Leriche, secretary of Route 4B Minibus Drivers Association.

Minibus drivers of Vieux-Fort plying the 4B route have taken protest action from last Friday for what they described as the tardiness on the part of the Transport Board in implementing their adjusted bus fares.

However, they took it on their own to make some adjustment to their prices, which they say was long overdue.

Rout 4B consists of minibuses plying the route from Vieux-Fort to Aupicon, Pierrot and Bellevue in Vieux-Fort North.

According to the irate minibus drivers, their actions have nothing to do with politics or the terrible condition of the road.

According to Sheldon Leriche, secretary of Route 4B Minibus Drivers Association, the original price list was adjusted in 2008 after the Transport Board realised it had made mistakes in it.

He showed this reporter two correspondences from the Board, one admitting an error was made in the original price list, and another, the adjusted price list. However, no specific date was given when the adjusted price list would be implemented.

According to Leriche, the Board told them that the matter has to go through a process, so give them some time to deal with it, and in the meantime discuss the mistake with the commuters. He added that the Board had given them the assurance that after the review period of the bus fares which is every three years, the matter will be rectified.

He said when they realised their concerns were not being addressed, in 2012 they began to agitate for the adjusted price to be implemented.

“Nine years after errors were made on our price lists and the boundaries nothing has happened,” Leriche lamented.

He added that the Board even made mistakes in the location of certain communities along their routes.

“They made mistakes in stating which route comes first and which one comes after….” Leriche said.

He said they are at a disadvantage when compared with the prices charged in other routes in the south of the island.

Leriche said they are now hoping that someone in authority will intervene and have the matter settled amicably.

According to him, it pains them to see how the commuters are affected by their actions, but they have to take a stand.

“It’s sad to see people boarding pick-ups to go work,” Leriche said.

President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) Linus St. Clair and Transport Officer in the Ministry of Transportation, Nigel Joseph could not be reached for comments.

However, the actions of the minibus drivers have been described as illegal by sources in the Ministry of Transportation.


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  1. thats the state of the secretary, so u presenting yourself, more like a SexyTerry. you representing an association, man fix up yourself if you want people to take you seriously. State of an association. Jokers...


  2. provide quality service first, then your actions can be justified. not when yall smelling and eh bathe, yall bus riggy dig dig, yall eh have no manners, never trained in dealing with customers. sit behind a steering wheel while a customer opens and closes yall door for yall everytime with no discount, thats not their job to do that. answering and making cell calls while driving, speeding with passengers especially children on board, recklessness no respect for people lives, biggest contributors to accidents. yall have no patience, wow i didnt think that list would b so long. alot of yall have no education and most of yall no CXC's just living getting it good. some of yall dont even pay tax like real workers do. Yall only qualification is a drivers license and yall have work. time for government to ban yall and come up with a government owned bus system. i fed up a yall shit...honestly.....and calmly speaking.


    • If you are talking about the person in the article, you are so off point here. He is VERY educated my dear. I can guarantee you he excelled in his CXCs and went to university! Get your facts right before posting such shit!! Ignorant people like you piss me off!!


  3. yup, as usual a busdriver, old men acting like young school boys, lol yall made the government trick yall, for 9 years smh, how uneducated can yall b, 9yrs..........and as usual do the school boy ting and take justice in yall hands. they should arrest all a yall doing that. yall men to hongry for money "the o is for emphasis"KMT. make less BOMB, drink less RUM, the shiny rims yall dont need that thats for show. And boom money saving, stick to one woman your wife, gf. leave the jabals and school girls alone, yall go see a light. trust me yall broke cuz yall squander to much. so dont take it out on the people that cant go ask their boss for a raise to pay for yall nasty smelling habits. stop being boys and start being men. My opinion


  4. I don’t know if this is in place already…
    why we don’t have a travel price log sign at every bus stop or every main bus stop. This would get everyone on the same page.
    Oops I guess this would bring out a protest or some disgruntle person would break it down.


  5. I don’t know if this is in place already…
    why we don’t have a travel price log sign at every bus stop or every main bus stop. This would get everyone on the same page.
    Oops I guess this would bring out a protest or some disgruntle person would break it down.


  6. Why strike for increase in bus fare and not the road...most of those buses are not properly maintained... anytime it's 11 u cannot get a bus so u can reach vfort for 12.... they want an increase why by 7-730pm there are no buses taking us home...they have a nasty attitude and want to pack ppl like sardines sometimes..they feeling sorry for passengers when they were the ones who brought us to vfort knowing we won't be able to get home... people business stayed behind because we couldn't go to the bank and the following day was a saturday... most of us were late for work and when this strike is over we still have to board those buses... what if we decide that we passengers going on'll want increase in bus fare how are we suppose to pay urll when we can't go to work... when our salaries are the same...this strike should have been for road n not for an increase.. the increase will come after the road is fixed and proper buses are there.. Sundays and holidays u can't leave this route to go anywhere because there is no bus.....urll want more money transport ppl on a Sunday or holiday....this was rather unfair...... this is political trust me and the video showing the road just proved it........very disappointed


  7. Most of these vehicles need to get off the bus stand the condition is not good enough to transport passangers and the drivers their attitude stinks


  8. To me i read the article and sheldan says that have nothing to do with politics nor condition of the road but yet still an ass hole still come and talk about musa woyee


  9. These are the same drivers who continue to enjoy $150 road tax whilst other vehicle owners pays $100 more .. what's on the law books remains there until it's change. Good job officers charge their asses for over charging commuters. They're not the law to just change prices on people.


  10. It pain your heart to see people get to work on pickups. Well they getting to work. While you'll jackasses on strike and have you'll loans to pay. Why you'll didn't strike before breaking the law with you'll own price list adjustments. Day ban jackass.


  11. Vieux fort to desruisseaux 3.00 belle vue is closer to Vieux fort and u guys want more . Yes to the increase to coconut bay , airport, stadium but the other prices don't need adjustments. Salaries have not increased. When gas fluctuates I don't hear decrease the fare but a slight increase and u want more. What about ppl who make 250 fortnightly and have kids. Come one let's be fair


  12. I can understand adjustment of the fare to coconut bay, aupicon , stadium and the airport but the drivers have over stepped their boundaries. They have increased all the fares on the list and children from 2 years old pay adult price on some buses. The drivers on this route have horrible attitudes yet don't take into consideration its a service they provide. Some buses on this route we get wet when it rains. Most times we wait hours by the road before getting a bus to town from 11am onwards. You pay the fare to drop u to various destinations such as joyeux and vivancelle and they drop commuters half way after we have paid the full fare.
    Now they are on strike but they don't want other buses to take us to and from work.he lie he isn't sad about the commuters hiking.its a joke to them because they pass by the bus stops and laugh at us passengers.


    • So you place a $1.50 levy on gas and you expect the drivers not too ask for a price increase. Those claiming this is politically motivated why have you not marched for the 6.8 decline in gas that was promised? I agree with the drivers. Chastenet indicated that the previous administration made a $6.80 profit on gas, rather than removing the 6.80 he adjusted prices by a $.50 fixed charge. Now keep quiet that is what you elect flambeau for. stop whining and ask him to sign the document on his desk to remove the $6.80 in profits.

      Now if you can't afford the increase you either stay home or walk [great exercise] or invest in a bike....and if you are still not satisfied then put on you orange shirt and go march about gas prices.....that should be easy, You are well experienced..


  13. Why were they not complaining when the prices of fuel was at a very low price a few yeas ago?

    Why now?


  14. Truth be told, the drivers on route 4b are on strike because the police arrested and charged one of them on Friday for overcharging a passenger.

    They, the drivers, are not a law unto themselves and cannot take in on their own to increase bus fares. I hope the police continues to enforce the laws.


  15. how can their actions be illegal if in the first instance they had to get a increase and it was a mistake that things were not adjusted to show this. i dont see nothing illegal cause the increase is there its just that the person responsible did not do the correct thing.


    • That's because the increase has to be legislated. It alright to think that marijuana should be decriminalized and even the government agrees, but it is something else for you to go ahead of the law and act like its legal.


  16. Bus drivers are the happiest people in St. Lucia. They sit their behinds on the bus stand sleeping, gambling, harassing women for most of the day. Spend 2 hours a day at most driving yet expect to live champagne dreams and caviar wishes. You give truly atrocious service. You risk people's lives with your reckless driving. People should be compensated for doing something productive.


  17. Everything seem to be in disarray in this island. Can't we have some peace and tranquility on this island for once? If it's not one it's the other. Things never cease to amaze me in St. Lucia!


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      That is why the Good News was preached to those who are now dead; so although they were destined to die like all people, they now live forever with God in the Spirit.

      – 1 Peter 4: 6


  18. What is the Chief Transport Officer saying all of this. Why not try to contact her. She is suppose to account for this nonsense. After all she is the secretary to the board


  19. These stupid drivers always want an increase...prices are going up for the rest of us too...yall bus drivers act like yall alone buy gas tires and oil...


  20. I don't see why it had to get to that point, since everyone accepted that there were mistakes and that they would fix them. Some people just need to get off their lazy butts and make things happen.


  21. However, the actions of the minibus drivers have been described as illegal by sources in the Ministry of Transportation.
    How come you guy had nine years to fix it now the drivers take action sources in the ministry say it illegal wow


    • Is it not illegal for the government/transport board to take nearly a decade to address the bus drivers request? It is now 9 years. Enough is enough.


      • All legal and illegal matters should be dealt with in Court. If the bus drivers thought that they had a case then they should have taken it to Court where they can find a remedy. However taking the law into ones hand is a completely different thing. Government promises many things but do people have a right to take the law into their own hands if some promises are not fulfilled? No! It can't be that way and that's why there are Courts of law.

        All this says is that you were conned into accepting a position. If you were a skilled negotiator you would have made sure that your demands were met at the time. No sense using bullying tactics at this time. In fact the administration who promised the hike might not be the one in office and the current one may not necessarily agree with the same policy or position. Not concluding negotiations with one government does not bind the other, it only opens up for new negotiations.