IOM workshop protection of vulnerable migrants

IOM workshop protection of vulnerable migrants

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 – As part of its commitment to promoting humane and orderly migration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) facilitated a training workshop on “The Protection of Vulnerable Migrants,” Monday in Saint Lucia.

Local governmental organizations and NGOs that interact with vulnerable migrants formed part of the day’s discussion on international best practices.

The workshop also focused on providing participants with the opportunity to acquire technical knowledge, skills and the tools to identify and protect vulnerable migrants.

Saint Lucia’s Director of the Division of Gender Relations Charms Gaspard, says the workshop will provide participants with skills and training to deal with migrants experiencing difficulties, whether through forced migration or otherwise.

“As a country that is, we know the environment that we live in, persons perhaps may want to leave the country and it is a pattern, that we have had a pattern of migration to other countries for economic reasons, for a better lifestyle and so on. So there has been a pattern of migration and so it is important that we provide our citizens with information that will help them migrate safely.”

Gaspard explains that the Government of Saint Lucia has maintained partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), making this workshop, one of the many activities undertaken on human trafficking.

“There is the growing issue of human trafficking, although it has not been identified as a major problem in Saint Lucia. We need to provide ourselves, avail ourselves of information because we have as a country with the economic pressures as we experience and the other social issues, we have persons who may be forced to migrate, maybe taken from the country forcefully or brought into the country forcefully. So we need to be able to address both persons who may leave and persons who are bought into the country forcefully.”

The Director is optimistic that the training will generate a national network tailored at providing assistance to all. The three day IOM training workshop will come to a close, Wednesday.


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