Investor interest in Saint Lucia heightens at C3 Arab American Summit

By Invest St. Lucia

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– A local delegation headed by the Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Emma Hippolyte, represented Saint Lucia at the third annual C3 Arab American Summit held in New York on October 6th.

The delegation, which also comprised both the Chairman and the CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, as well as the Saint Lucia Tourist Board’s Manager for North Eastern USA, profited the opportunity to participate in this year’s event, by presenting the current investment profile and opportunities available on Saint Lucia.

In her address to the C3 Luncheon, Minster Hippolyte underscored Saint Lucia’s competitive advantages in the key sectors of Tourism, Smart Manufacturing and Infrastructure; stressing the importance of FDI to the island’s economy.

“Once Saint Lucia agreed to participate in this Summit, our primary focus was to pursue new opportunities for generating sustainable foreign direct investment into our island. By “sustainable”, we mean investments that adhere to the “triple bottom line” of economic viability, social equity and environmental sustainability.”

“In essence,” she continued, “investments that contribute to the national development goals of Saint Lucia. We therefore anticipate that this Event will help solidify Saint Lucia’s already longstanding relationship with both the Arab and American communities.”

She remarked that while Saint Lucia continues to receive numerous accolades and worldwide recognition for its tourism product, it is more than just your typical wedding, honeymoon and vacation getaway. She explained, “Saint Lucia has earned the proud reputation as the freest economy in the Caribbean based on the Economic Freedom Index; and is still ranked as the best place to do business in the English speaking
Caribbean by the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” Report from 2007-2014.”

“Investment Never Looked Better”Saint Lucia’s delegation also had the pleasure of meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who received the C3 Global Leadership Award.

They also engaged a number of other overseas participants in discussions on the potential to invest in the high-end tourism sector; niche manufacturing, especially in agro processing; alternative energy and smart technology solutions; as well as in educational and vocational training establishments, including reputable offshore universities and research institutions.

The C3 Business Summit provided a great opportunity to meet with leaders who are responsible for the tremendous growth of best practices and knowledge transfer between the regions. The Event was held in New York City at the Union League Club.

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  1. Gutts start the protest today on Bridge St. today. I will join you. Stop hiding behind your computer. I’m waiting, Let’s see if u have the testicular fortitude to put your money where mouth is.

  2. Do ever wonder if these comments are taking serious ! We need to take to the streets to stop the nonsense that’s happening in our country how much longer are we going to suffer ! Does it mean you have to die your children have to die before some action is taken? Or until someone ” “attempts ” to assassinate the prime minster or attempt to burn down house of parlerment with all ministers in there for we the public who have voted for this government to be taken serious and they tend to the matters that concern our safety the safety of our children ! We voted them in I hope Kenny doesn’t sit at Thr airport again when in opposition looking homeless trying to get back in Power to fool us again !

  3. i applaud any iniative which leads to positive and fruitful investment in st.lucia and its citizens,but a word of caution,if this spike in criminality is not curtailed,potential investors will avoid Lucia like an ebola carrier.

  4. They need to make it easier for St Lucians to do business. How much unnecessary Red Tape and fightdown. Foreigners get all kinds of concessions to invest in St Lucia whereas St. Lucians themselves get the run around.

    • Our jackass politicians only know about lining their pockets and those of families and yardfowls. They are as dumb as dolts when it comes to real economic development regarding the masses. The locals are invisible. Their dumb ass advisors have no clue as to how to spur development and wealth creation for the MASSES. So they hope and pray for spillover from the US economy. We are surrounded by real rotund jackass politicians on all sides.

  5. Just another load of CRAP.

  6. Three years into your tenure u now looking for Arab money for your election campaign. Kenny u and your under achievers just go OK.

  7. I welcome the notion, this government is proving to be just as idiotic as the previous government, you have scenarios where your citizens have to be under seige in their way too and from work whilst passing by or around the city. I know all the wrongs that were done by previous and present Gov’t has made the depression twice as hard but despite what skeletons that may fall out whilst correcting them but that we must do CORRECT those mistakes , and it will be the first time in our countries history but who ever does it garaunteed they will enjoy a tenure like sir John , come on leaders it’s not even a party thing any more its out survival that is at stake…..

    • ever wondered why??

      I’d be weary of Those “Arabs”, when religious agendas intertwine with political and financial allegiance, there’s no tell what the underline undertaking will be. But they really have been moving little everywhere.

  8. Since that was a very Pollyanna report, coming from the Saint Lucia side of the “table”, the rest of us, not accustomed to drinking the usual SLP “en rouge” Kool-Aid mixture, quite wisely, we’ll have to take all this hubris at face value.

  9. Where is Emma sitting? Can’t see her in the pic

  10. for goodness sake

    What a load of tosh, with the way gradma Emma dresses who will take her serious?

  11. ….and this opportunity and many others will all go to the gutter when we have people being shot at outside their place of business. I hope something gets done about the escalating crime rate before it starts to scare off investors.

  12. Vieux fort needs a marina bad

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