Investiture of Goodwill Ambassadors

Investiture of Goodwill Ambassadors
Ronald “Boo” Hinkson
Ronald “Boo” Hinkson

(PRESS RELEASE) – Their Excellencies the Governor General and Lady Cenac, will preside over an Investiture Ceremony of the 2020 Goodwill Ambassadors at Government House, on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.

The Goodwill Ambassadors Programme, is proposed as a tool to actualize the National Cultural Policy in five (5) core areas: cultural and artistic promotion and development; cultural heritage-preservation and protection; culture and development; cultural relations; and cultural financing and administration.

The overall objective of the Programme is therefore, to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation and the development of human capital in all sectors related to the Creative Arts and the industries that they support-sports, visual arts, gastronomy, music et al.

The role of the Goodwill Ambassadors will be to represent Saint Lucia locally, regionally and internationally by:

Leveraging their profile/celebrity to locate and access opportunities for the growth and development of aspiring Saint Lucians in various fields of endeavour;

Forging strategic partnerships between the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and other related agencies and resourced organizations, groups and communities internationally;

Advocating support of the prioritization of the arts, culture and creative industries at the sectoral and national level;
Promoting outstanding representation for Saint Lucia abroad; and

Enhancing the growth in demand for Cultural and Arts tourism demand to generate local economic development and increased avenues for cultural preservation.

The list of recipients and a backgrounder on the Goodwill Ambassadors Programme are attached.


Mr. Ronald “Boo” Hinkson – Music
Mr. Gordon “Commissioner” Williams – Music
Mr. Taj Weekes – Reggae Music and Philanthropy
Mr. Jermain Colin Defoe – Sports (English Premiere League Football)
Miss Levern Donaline Spencer – Sports (High Jump)
Mr. Daren Julius Garvey Sammy – Sports (Cricket)
Sir Leslie Ferdinand – Sports (English Premiere League Football)
Mr. Jallim Eudovic – Visual Arts (Sculpting)
Mr. Joseph Marcell – Performing Arts (Acting)
Dr. David Williams – Academia
Mr. Ken Chitolie – Philanthropy


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