“Investigations might take us out of St. Lucia” – Acting Top Cop on Gobat murder probe

“Investigations might take us out of St. Lucia” – Acting Top Cop on Gobat murder probe
Oliver Gobat.
Oliver Gobat.
Oliver Gobat.

Investigations into the death of local hotelier Oliver Gobat are still ongoing, according to the police.

It was revealed that the lead person in the homicide investigation in St. Lucia recently visited the United Kingdom (UK) to hold discussions with law enforcement officials there.

‎The police official met with the head of the Surrey Police and an investigating team, to discuss the case in greater detail and to exchange information that could help to advance the investigations.

Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander ‎has said this is as far as investigations into Gobat’s death are, while noting that investigations might however “take us out of St. Lucia.”

Alexander also declared that the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has not received any assistance from the British Government with regards to this murder investigation.

“We are in the process of negotiating ‎with them, for them to assist us, and it is a process. All the investigation that has been done, has been done by the RSLPF,” he explained.

In the September 17, 2015 issue of the Get Surrey Newspaper, it was reported that Home Secretary Theresa May authorise help for the investigation from UK police.

May was reported as saying that her decision came after she was assured of the “integrity” of the investigation and had the safety of Scotland Yard and Surrey Police officers guaranteed.

Gobat’s body was found in his Range Rover on Cap Estate on April 25, 2014 burnt beyond recognition.

His killing is thought to be related to a legitimate multi-million dollar property deal he was near in completing.


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  1. Maybe St.lucians Didnt even do it...People could have been flown in and out to get this done...and whoever is behind this is paying big bucks to keep this quiet


  2. MIGHT? MIGHT TAKE US OUT OF ST LUCIA????It will take the investigation out of St.Lucia.
    many of them KNOW that this was a big time hit. St. Lucians were only made the scapegoat,
    because there is much more at stake. I am willing to bet a million,that nothing comes of this in any real sense.
    How come we down here in Brasil know so much about this according to the grapevine? And they all trying to deceive the St.Lucia Lucia police


  3. This is a well executed execution, way beyond the scope of the RSLPF. In other words big boys were at work in this murder so don't expect the local olive force to be able to solve it.


  4. It's clear the RSLPF are investigating as they have got absolutely no where!! Stop the pretense and allow the British police to investigate so the Gobat's can have peace and Ollie justice!! St Lucia this is has turned into a farce. If it was a St Lucian in England, this would have been solved already. Show the Gobat's the same respect


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