Int’l pest control franchise Orkin heading to St. Lucia

Int’l pest control franchise Orkin heading to St. Lucia

orkin-man orkinPRESS RELEASE – ORKIN is headed down to St. Lucia, but not for vacation.

The unit of Atlanta-based Rollins Inc., is launching on August 4th, 2015 in St. Lucia. It will offer commercial and residential pest control and termite control services.

Atlanta-based Orkin operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and Mexico recently opened new franchises in Erbil, Iraq, USVI and Trinidad and Tobago.

“Orkin’s international expansion continues,” said group Vice President of Orkin international development and franchising. Initial training for the franchisee took place at the company’s award-winning training center in Atlanta.

Orkin, LLC was founded in 1901 and the Atlanta-based Orkin is an industry leader in essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects.

The company serves homeowners and numerous industries, including food and beverage processing, foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, retail, warehousing, property/facilities management, schools and institutions.


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  1. There isn't much use for this pest control company here.
    We have a few small companies who are doing some good work.
    What we need is competition for wasco
    , courts, lucelec ect.
    I live in an area where we only get water for 1 hour every month and a half and my bill is 97. 00 dollars.
    When asked why I'm paying the responds at wasco was that there is still a charge whether I get water or not.
    I paid for the meter, I run my own pipe and I have to pay because the line is at my home with no running water.
    Who do I complain too?
    Is there an office or place I can go and place my complaints?
    Where is prize control? Who is representing the consumers




  2. Some of us don't even know how to measure ignorancy?Well "LOST" if you are wiser than every one else go and take this country forward with your intelligence.You all are not making you all points just there like a lion to attack what people say!Have you learnt that precaution is better than cure in every aspects of life? I have worked with our health ministry pest control unit and i must tell you there are losts of spending to do in such jobs and can't even bring in huge profits.Number,one most of our people are poor and can't afford pest control companies to destroy termites compared to thee American society with a larger working class population than St.lucia.Give me your debate if you are more wiser than other people?


  3. So because a previous company has failed... Someone else should not take the risk?? Lucians are so ignorant..... But urll spouse will cheat on urll and take the risk to stay with them.... Just saying...


  4. If foreigners are capable of coming down here to create employment we in return should learn how to treat foreigners and locals with loyalty and not dishonesty so that,people can trust us as good citizens.Many times when you come from oversees people tends to imagine that,you have plenty money to thee extent of overcharging you,used you,stilling your goods while they are on the job etc,etc.You would hear words like the white-man has already in an attempt to cheat you.That,needs to stopped and this is coming from my heart as an ex-businessman who has lived both in St.Lucia and oversees.Likewise,yes people do what they do...But, bitterness doesn't serve anyone.We all have problems and issues with our character that require constant work to achieve peace and harmony in our lives,and our dealings with other people. Forgiveness enables us to move forward as a country regardless those past intervals of slavery. In many instances when we are working for a white person our intention is to come and take revenge!You can move forward with happiness having learnt the lessons from the past.We can not apply distrust to all that we meet.Because,we are always looking for it,eventually we will find it but,if we are always looking for a good and happy relationship and are willing to put in the work to get there then it surely will be out reward if the other person is willing.It is that heart that melts the heart of others.Every religion should be teaching their members how to treat humanity well and acceptable.Don't look at a person by saying that,this person just arrived and he or she is doing better than me without learning to put all our differences aside then move forward.That, is why i have not been able to understand Rastafarianism because i notice that,they are dwelling on the past a lot.


  5. There was a pest company called RENTOKIL,where were they from and why it collapse?So,you think this one will survive?Sometimes,its a risk coming to the caribbean to do business.We ought to resolve several issues first.It is expensive to bring in goods with custom duties.Hope,this future company doesn't varnish in a couple months or years per say.


  6. Happy to know foreign direct investment is coming. Hope some unemployed people can get sustainable jobs with prospects for career advancement. But ..... Hope the politicians don't already have their croonies lined up for jobs they don't qualify for. Just saying.


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