INTERNATIONAL: Yazidi women Tell of rape and enslavement at hands of ISIS

INTERNATIONAL:  Yazidi women Tell of rape and enslavement at hands of ISIS
*Photo credit NBC News
*Photo credit NBC News
*Photo credit NBC News

NBC –  The grandmother lifted her face to heaven and let out a high wail.

“I pray for this hell to end,” the 64-year-old said before crumpling onto the floor of her hut.

Kimy Hassan Sayfo’s daughters and granddaughters have been held captive by ISIS. Two daughters recently escaped but extremist fighters have kept her young granddaughters “for themselves,” she said.

Her story echoes those of countless others across this vast tent city full of Yazidis, a tiny and ancient religious minority reviled and persecuted by ISIS.

More than 3,000 women and girls were taken captive when ISIS attacked ancestral Yazidi villages around northwestern Iraq’s Sinjar Mountain in August 2014. Nearly half-a-million people have been displaced since, according to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Yazidi Affairs Directorate.



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  1. Your picture move me greatly, I cannot imagine your torment and helplessness in the face of evil but I bear witness to your distress!

    May your God give you the heart to heal from the poison of this EVIL of war which has afflicted you and your people. May you be consoled and your loved ones returned to you!
    May there be PEACE and a stronger nation rise from the rubble!


  2. May God allow you a peace of mind and let your tragedy be a forgotten memory. United in prayers against Isis.


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