INTERNATIONAL: Woman cuts off brother-in-law’s penis and takes it to police station claiming he raped her

INTERNATIONAL: Woman cuts off brother-in-law’s penis and takes it to police station claiming he raped her

Indian_woman_GETTYINDEPENDENT (UK) – A 32-year-old Indian woman cut off her brother-in-law’s penis and handed it to police, claiming he had sexually assaulted her.

Accompanied by her three children, the woman went to a police station in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh in central India, where she told officers her brother-in-law had raped her, the Times of India reported.

Police attempted to send medical support to the man, but he was found to have committed suicide.

His body was reportedly found hanging from a tree near their house.

The woman had been living with her brother-in-law because her husband worked more than 700 miles away, in Nashik, Maharashtra.

She reportedly told police that she had used a sickle to cut off her brother-in-law’s penis as it was the only way to stop him attacking her.



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  1. The man is dead so we will never get to the bottom of this story The saying goes 'dead man tell no tales" If he had been raping her for some time, why did she not tell someone, why did she not go to the Police, Why did sh not move back to her home?Questions with no answers.


  2. I don't know if he was really guilty or not, but I want you to think of what I say next. When I was a teenager in England many years ago, I heard in the News of a young girl who accused a young man of rape in an Eastern European Country. Her male family members and others found the boy and cut his penis off. The girl later confessed that she loved the boy and lied thinking the boy would be forced by her Gypsy Family to Marry her as a matter of Honour. Had they investigated instead of acting in a Murderous Rage. the boy may not have had to go through life Castrated by a Lie and Injustice. I do not know what happened afterwards. This is true as I remember it. It appears that in both cases, the Police was not called; WHY did she not call them?. In the current Rape situation in India, any man accused of Rape will get LYNCHED. It is said the man committed Suicide, well what Heterosexual man missing his penis would not do so? IN Films, Books and Radio programmes; well over 90% of the villainy committed is by men. So ALL men are looked upon as suspicious in Real life because of what is constantly fed to us on a daily basis. All I have to say is the man was not caught in the act, No witnesses are said to hear her screams or know the man to be a Rapist. Any man can be accused and I would want PROOF against either myself or my sons to be produced in court. BUT judging by the comments here, I hope you see how Outraged we get when such a crime is committed and NO proof is even produced. In ancient Israel, GOD said on the testimony of TWO or more Witnesses a person is Condemned. In other words, Proof Please. As I said, I don't know if the man was guilty, if this becomes the NORM; Innocent will suffer because of some worthless woman or man. Don't tell me you have never heard of a man being falsely accused before. Prove guilty then Castrate, preferably by Legal means and prison time.


  3. It takes one hell of a woman to retaliate so exactingly. After slicing his penis off, she could have stuffed it in his mouth or throw it to the dogs. Rather, being a good, upright citizen, she took the offensive, assault weapon to the police!

    I hope the court treats her with leniency and commend her for effectively disarming her rapist! This will send a serious message to men who use rape as a weapon of power.


  4. Way to go sister!! I applaude your bravery.
    And the COWARD kill himself...BASTARD!!


  5. St Lucia rape victims, keep this next to your bed , and handbag, if they not hearing they will surely hear, I don't have to tell you at what stage to do it as a woman figure out.


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