INTERNATIONAL: Venezuela’s cellphone providers suspend international calls

INTERNATIONAL: Venezuela’s cellphone providers suspend international calls

AR-160419844.jpg&MaxW=730&imageversion=ArticleTRINIDAD EXPRESS – Venezuela’s two main cellphone service providers are suspending long distance calling as the South American country struggles to pay its bills.

Movistar, a subsidiary of the Spain-based Telefonica, and Digitel both announced last week that they would be cutting international service because of issues related to Venezuela’s byzantine currency controls. Digitel ended that service on Saturday while Movistar will do so Friday.

The companies had already dramatically reduced the list of countries Venezuelans could call.

Movistar said the change will be temporary, but didn’t say when long distance calling will resume. Venezuelans will still be able to make international calls from some landlines.

Currency rationing is increasingly cutting Venezuela’s global trade. Many airline companies have abandoned the country, and mail delivery is also limited.



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  1. They failed when they tried to take over the country via a coup. That did not deter them for there is a drop of oil. They have secured Libya (the oil. The rest of the country is a lawless cesspool) so now they are after Venezuela with a renewed vigor. And they way to do this is to cripple that country economically. Yes cooperate America will have its way because they always do and who will pay for that as usual the poor people. Of course we will hear nothing about that just like we hear nothing about how ordinary Libyans live today. I wonder if the ordinary ones can say they benefit from the vast wealth that country possesses but now are in the hands of European and American companies ? The blind in this case has nothing to do with the SLP. Those who seem to think pure and correct thoughts come from the imperialist world are the ones who fail to understand what they see. The current president of Venezuela is not your enemy and I think you know that. What I think you after is more like a thirty pieces of silver though you know that is immoral act.


  2. Remember this was the country Kenny Anthony favored over the USA in the oil agreement. SMH I saw this coming a mile off.


  3. But please don't laugh because it is in that direction Dr. Anthony would prefer to drive us.
    The signs are showing and compundef by the now SLP intolerance to free expression and criticisms. If you speak out you are an enemy of the state.
    So its with the media and then citizen by citizen. The dictatorial manner is slowly but surely creeping out. The victimization continues and slowly the two classes will be the rich and the poor. We are fast seeing the elimination of the middle class which is really the engine of a country.

    Venezuelans have seen the light that some St. Lucians still refuse to see. It's a pity they have not learnt from SLP's vdry owm Mario Michel a man who learnt the hard way what Kenny Anthony is really all about.


  4. Things bad. Though oil does not spoil the price of the barrel has fallen and oil-dependent economies are under stress.


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