INTERNATIONAL: US stops British Muslim family from boarding flight to visit Disneyland

INTERNATIONAL: US stops British Muslim family from boarding flight to visit Disneyland

3000GUARDIAN (UK) – A British Muslim family heading for Disneyland was barred from boarding a flight to Los Angeles by US authorities at London’s Gatwick airport amid concerns of an American overreaction to the perceived terrorist threat.

US Department of Homeland Security officials provided no explanation for why the country refused to allow the family of 11 to board the planeeven though they had been granted travel authorization online ahead of their planned 15 December flight.

Senior politicians have been drawn into the case, warning that a growing number of British Muslims are being barred from the US without being told the reason for their exclusion.

Aides to the prime minister, David Cameron, have promised that he will examine the case, which comes as a leading community group in the US has warned that Muslims are being subject to “an unprecedented and dramatic increase” in violent and hostile incidents. Advocates attribute this increase to the recent terror attacks in Paris and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

Comments by the Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US have also contributed to the tense atmosphere.



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  1. seriously GW where u get that information of non refund...forcing them to return duty free must be a fortune should see what your ball is saying why they were not allowed to take the flight...Propaganda king/Queen smh


  2. can u believe this load of bull and after not allowing them to travel with out giving them any proper reason something they planned for months and the kids were so excited to go to Disney land the flight has the audacity to tell them they cant refund the $13,340 for their flight which they paid plus to force them to return all what they purchased duty free at the airport before escorting them off the airport! mama what an embarrassment no wonder some Muslims has this hatred to america an do the things they do but yall must understand not all Muslims are bad


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