INTERNATIONAL: US man sentenced to 15 years hard labour for stealing banner in North Korea

By NY Post

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2016-03-17 20_02_35-Here’s what cost a college kid 15 years in a North Korean gulag _ New York PostNY POST – The US student sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by North Korea’s supreme court was convicted for trying to steal a banner invoking former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, state media footage of the trial indicates.
The court sentenced the student, Otto Warmbier, on Wednesday for “crimes against the state,” North Korean media reported.

The United States condemned the punishment as politically motivated and called on North Korea to pardon the University of Virginia student from Wyoming, Ohio, and release him on humanitarian grounds.

The sentencing came as North Korea is increasingly isolated and facing tough new UN resolutions following a nuclear test in January and a rocket launch last month. A White House spokesman said it was “increasingly clear” North Korea sought to use US citizens as pawns to pursue a political agenda.

North Korean state media said Warmbier had tried to steal an item bearing a political slogan. A state media picture showed a banner, presented as evidence during his one-hour trial, appearing to bear a slogan extolling the country’s late leader.


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  1. You KNOW That country don't Joke with Americans and you go there with Contempt and Arrogance. I know one thing though, You Will leave (possibly) Prison trained to show Respect. Something the Authorities don't do in the USA.

  2. salbet you Americans think you can go places and do what you want because you are Americans to much if the area is restricted what you going and do there , you dont know what RESTRICTED means. and watch him cry like a girl ah he is only human , as they give you fifteen hard years of labor you realize that you human, when you were going to steal the people flag you didnt know that was not right to do smdh. these tourist like to go in people hotels and take things , they taking soap, towels all kinds of things in the rooms the last time one stole a picture and they denying is them. you will learn dont take what does not belong to you.

  3. So what mate doing in North Korea?


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