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INTERNATIONAL: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain issue warnings for citizens over police shooting

By New York Daily News

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mideast-protestsNEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Two Mideast countries are warning citizens traveling in the United States to be careful around protests over police shootings.

A “special alert” issued by the United Arab Emirates Embassy to Washington on Saturday urged citizens to stay away from demonstrations in U.S. cities.

State news agency WAM said the warning followed a protest by supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Washington on Friday.

The island kingdom of Bahrain issued its own advisory on Twitter, telling nationals to be “cautious of protests or crowded areas.”

The U.S. State Department routinely issues travel advisories for Americans abroad.


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  1. Imagine advisories being issued for travel to the US. About time! Bahamas did the same. Other countries should follow suit.

  2. No other country have nothing to say about the killings in the USA.........where is the UN. If was another country these was happening in I'm guaranteed the US would have sent their troops in. I gues the US is the in charge of the world so they are free to do as they please and nobody can interven


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