INTERNATIONAL: United Arab Emirates appoints first Minister of Happiness

INTERNATIONAL: United Arab Emirates appoints first Minister of Happiness

Ca3IPlaWEAAqz9OCNN – The United Arab Emirates is not leaving the cheerfulness of its citizens to chance, appointing its first minister of happiness.

Ohood Al Roumi was sworn into the post this week, one of eight female ministers in the Persian Gulf nation’s 29-member Cabinet.

So just what does a minister of happiness do? Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, spelled out his vision in a series of tweets, saying the new position will help create social good.


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  1. What is so pathetic about that - the young and beautiful lady
    is appointed to make people like me happy. Maybe you've never
    been happy the way I've been. You wanna know? I can teach you a thing or two.

    On another note - you see why the men of the Desert insist that their women
    cover up from head to toe - that's because their girls are some of the most beautiful
    women in the world and it's really nothing to do with religion. They're dead scared
    she finds the kind of love I can give, and boy it's worth a fortune. Wanna bet?


  2. I need to really digest this! lollol.... To create a Ministerial Position; Minister of Happiness and Minister of Tolerance is so pathetic... what do they do?

    This is so funny!


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