INTERNATIONAL: UK mom does adult movies so that she can afford to buy son Christmas presents

INTERNATIONAL: UK mom does adult movies so that she can afford to buy son Christmas presents

clara6NEW YORK POST – A single mom has been more naughty than nice this year — but all in the spirit of Christmas.

Megan Clara spent the last year starring in porn movies so she could afford everything on her 5-year-old son Ashton’s Christmas list. The 20-year-old UK resident says she was devastated last holiday season when Ashton complained he didn’t have the same expensive presents as his friends.

Making nearly $120 a week, she was only able to buy an Etch A Sketch, cuddly toys and new clothes.

“Last Christmas I could barely scrape any money together, it was really tough and I couldn’t help but worry Ashton was going to be left out and disappointed,” the mom from Portsmouth, England, told Caters News Agency.

After seeing an old friend “stripping off,” Clara got in touch with her friend’s photographer. The rest, she says, is history.



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  1. ok,check this out,instead of teaching the boy the true meaning of gift giving and Christmas she is telling him that it is ok to do what ever it takes to get what you cant afford.The kid now grows up and saaay.....cannot afford a new pair of "Air Jordan's" or the latest whatever then it will be ok to commit robbery,and muggings or fraud to get the money for it.
    A sick twisted set of morals and value.


  2. Trust me...... the gifts are not that important...and he will remind her after he sees this article when he's a bit older... because his friends had expensive gifts.....


  3. What a bowl of shit. Never heard such nonsense in my life before. Still can't believe I read this. Was under the impression that the child has never had a present before.


  4. smdh are he didnt have the same EXPENSIVE GIFTS as his friends. spoilt brat .there are kids who dont get nothing at all cause their parents cant afford and you want to complain about the price of your gifts


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