INTERNATIONAL: Two-year-old Nigerian boy accused of being a witch rescued by aid workers

INTERNATIONAL: Two-year-old Nigerian boy accused of being a witch rescued by aid workers

Anja-Ringgren-Loven-Nigerian-boyINDEPENDENT (UK) – Harrowing pictures show how a starving two-year-old Nigerian boy was rescued after being discovered naked and wandering the streets because his family thought he was a witch.

The boy, who has been named Hope, was found emaciated and riddled with worms after being forced to live off scraps of food thrown to him by passersby for eight months.

He was rescued by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish woman living in Africa who bent down and began feeding the boy and giving him water.

She then wrapped the boy in a blanket and took him to the nearest hospital.

Ms Loven is the founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, which she created to help children which have been labelled as witches and therefore neglected and even killed by members of their community.



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  1. The last time I heard and saw this happen on TV, was a 5 year old (or there about) Girl; who was repeating what people called her: I am a Witch she kept saying. Poor child. No one fed her either and DEAD bodies of little children were seen along the main roads rotting in Nigeria; in a large city not a village. NO LIE: I saw this on a British TV Documentary programme. That was a few years ago. WHAT is Important, to stop this; is to FIND and Punish the Low life's who claim to know a witch when They see one and pronounce these death sentences on the Children!!?? They do this to get Money from Superstitious parents who have a run of Bad luck, and the poor children who can't defend themselves are blamed as the cause. Imagine A child barely 2 years old and some are killed outright by their own parents!! The government know this is going on, Ministers were interviewed on TV; but they don't do anything unless they get bribe payment: That is NIGERIA!!. And mainly Northern Africa, who suffer Most with this crime and Bribery. AND what is happening in St Lucia and other Caribbean Islands cannot be compared to this kind of Treatment. Be Informed and read International African News. Everything I have written is true, I have not lied or exaggerated; but there is always someone who: like those who claim to know what a witch look like will say something different.


  2. I have worked side by side with many from Africa, Most are very nice guys.
    Nice guys but some are quite superstitious. You have read where in some
    States where there are Albinos, these are hunted down for their body parts
    to be chopped off and some killed for their Organs to be sold to the highest
    bidder, believing that the parts of the body of an Albino carries powerful
    magical qualities. This has carried over to the western world, in Haiti and
    even in your own home town, and you know what I'm talking about.


  3. Such a picture is worth thousands in donation than empty words of please, and platitude! A BLACK PERSON crouching down to give water to an emaciated black child would not have the same impact nor would it be newsworthy! To this community worker who wants to change the lives of vulnerable children accused of witchcraft, such a picture picks hearts and consciences of the general international public. It also provides her organization administrators a livelihood at a time when aid agencies are complaining of donor fatigue as there are so many worthy charities and causes worldwide.

    So what has race got to do with it? Everything! Also, human beings are incapable of discussing situation of culture, religion, gender dispassionately without underpinning them with a race dynamics.


  4. I can say that much....this little genius is a future millionaire.this is just the beginning of his journey!!


  5. Omg just so sad. As a mom it tear my heart reading this. Such a handsome young man. So many cruel people in this world even in our country people treat kids the same and a lot of ppl play a blind eye to it


  6. It is easier to be sympathetic or empathetic when the situation is far from home -in another country. In St Lucia, there are unexamined and unquestioned prejudices that victimize and make others feel marginalized and vulnerable.

    Being left handed, sixty years ago, at home and in church, it was OK to subject a child to intolerable treatment to extinguish the use of the offending left and which was deemed unclean and evoked bad spirits! Education, coupled with equal opportunity laws and their enforcement, plays such a vital part in breaking down walls of ignorance and indifference - only then will there be hope for the ‘HOPES’ in society.


  7. We need many more compassionates to be air on a more frequency basis as a way of healing a nation and the world all at once. The compassionates will touch our hearts and open it to helping and caring for each other as a world.


  8. But how comes you all so hypocrite? But the same thing is happening in St. Lucia. You treat your sick, mentally challenged, differently able etc. the same way. Our society kills mentally challenged people, kills youth suspected of criminal activity and families relinquish care to their dependants because of "smoking weed" or other drug habbits. Is that any different to this situation?


  9. Where are the racist comments now? Not even the fellow Nigerian Blacks took this baby boy in and cared for him. Thank God for some White people.


    • That comment right there indicates you have issues. If you don't have anything positive things to say keep it to yourself. Your lack of maturity and compassion is very apparent, bringing races in such situations. We as people needs to know if we want changes , it needs to start with thyself.


      • i not putting my self in the war between you and wadlo but take a look at the dislike against the like on your comment that should say something and he didnt bring up the race comment per as to say something negative about ones color but to bring up the mere fact that people would disrespect people about their color.( not sure if you check what am saying )


  10. wow at least there is some hope in man kind and the guy is a nice boy again ,no human being deserves to be treated and neglected like that,they say Africa is very rich but at the same time the people are very poor , i know people are going to hate me for saying this but i am going to say it anyway i appeal to the people that are very rich and want to show off how many cars they buy for so much money and store it in a garage or just spend money on useless things , yea i know its your money but it doesnt mean a thing if there are people like this out there that need help especially children so please find it in your heart to help out this little guy and more other people , i am sure that the one million which was donated is just a small stone thrown in a lake


  11. God bless your heart and compassion!!! This is disgusting in my opinion. Where is the families humanity or any of the passer bys humanity……this is a child for Christ sake.


  12. wow..people are so heartless.... a two year old being a witch like seriously...Lord put a hand.. God bless you my lady this child cld be the next Prime minister a lawyer a judge. But they categorize him as a witch


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