INTERNATIONAL: There’s a better solution than rice if you drop your phone in water

INTERNATIONAL: There’s a better solution than rice if you drop your phone in water


BUSINESS INSIDER – When a phone accidentally falls in water, we normally run to get rice.

It’s common lore that if your phone doesn’t turn on after getting dunked in water, you put it in rice. The logic here is that the rice will soak up the water, and your phone will work again.

But rice can take up to three days to fully dry your phone, and even then it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work again.

A company called TekDry is setting up electronics-drying locations around the US, where customers with wet gadgets come to dry them for $70 in special machines that literally pull the water out of them in a vacuum chamber. But if your phone doesn’t work because the water damage went too far, you won’t be charged anything.

It’s a much better deal than buying a whole new phone.



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  1. «nope the trick is to remove the battery out the phone immediately once it gets out of the water and allow the phone to completely dry I`ve had two phones dropped in water and both times I did this and yup the phone worked just fine after................


  2. At $70USD you are probably paying for the speed of the procesure. Rice worked on my headphones after I accidentally washed my headphones in a machine. The instructions specifies, pull out your battery of the phone, do not turn the phone on or connect it to any power source and cover your phone in rice for 48 hours. If you are too impatient you can botch the procedure. Hair dryers are not advised as they can damage the phone further.


  3. i tried that rice thing and to me that crap doesnt work i dont see the logic behind how rice will soak up or pull water from a phone. can anyone advise on how to do this maybe i did something wrong.


  4. so a bag of rice costing 5 dollars compared to bringing this to a company costing 70 dollars...which one do you think the majority of people would use.....


  5. The rice work perfectly for me. After my phone fell in water, I open my phone an put it in water after 2 days my phone work perfect. Still last me a year an a half then I have it to my son. Its cheaper using rice because the company still not guaranteed to fixed your phone.


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