INTERNATIONAL: Swallowing human faeces will cure disease, NHS says

by Telegraph (UK)

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97855378_Clostridium_difficile-large_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumATELEGRAPH (UK) – Swallowing human faeces will cure disease, the NHS has announces as it opens it first ever frozen faecal bank.

Frozen samples are being shipped around the country from a laboratory outside Portsmouth to relieve thousands sufferers of a previously incurable gut problem.

Every year in England more than 13,000 people suffer from Clostridium difficile, and one in five do not respond to conventional treatment.

The condition, which appears to be a side effect of antibiotics, causes people to lose control of their bowels.

Robert Porter, who is based in the Queen Alexandra hospital outside Portsmouth and works with scientists from Portsmouth University, estimated that the infection had a mortality rate higher than breast cancer.


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  1. If you had that disease you would see how fast you eating it. Stop talking shit and eat it!!

  2. whofeelsitknows

    What crap is this?

    I have heard of ppl having a s**t-eating grin, but this is a sh^^y bridge too far.

    (Don't) #brystontiller voice

  3. Eat shit for dinner lol

  4. No way I consuming shit

  5. The Commentator

    Sh-ty medicine.

  6. The Pharmaceutical Industry Poison us with Side Effects in medicine, now this person want us to eat Shit; literally. This Guy did not even say Synthesize it. IS there any wonder NEW diseases pop up so regularly!!?? NEVER in human History has there been so many threats to life as there is now.


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