INTERNATIONAL: South Korean wife charged with raping her husband for 29 hours

INTERNATIONAL: South Korean wife charged with raping her husband for 29 hours

under-arrest-300x236 (1)NEW YORK POST – A South Korean woman has been charged with raping her husband, after allegedly locking him in the house and forcing him to have sex with her for 29 hours.

Prosecutors claim she raped her spouse to obtain “favorable evidence” to later use in divorce proceedings.

The woman, referred to only by her surname Kim, is the first wife to be charged with marital rape in the country, according to the Yonhap news agency.

Marital rape only became a crime in South Korea in May, 2013.


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  1. What is the matter with you FOOL's , can't you READ properly. The woman wanted his sperm so she could get a favourable DIVORCE. That means she could (1) say she was RAPED (2) clean out her husband's bank account and (3) send him to jail as well. She obviously have some man hiding waiting for her. If her husband did not complain he would be in Prison now. Something a lot of men have been through but didn't report it because they felt no one would believe them and laugh as you are doing. What about a wife look for another man, tell him her husband is this and that get him to attack her husband (kill him), the new man goes to jail. Both him and husband now out of her life and she live happily ever after with her long time lover. By the comments I have read hear, I can understand why women say to each other men are stupid. Well I try not to be one of them.


  2. How can it be rape when there was sex... For there to be sex there must be an erection and an erection is not forceful.


  3. once a woman raped me like that but . Did not report it despite Being violated because it was against my will however it was the best sex I ever had


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  4. I am a pervert for sure,i would definitely not press charges,report her or cheat on her.What is the real reason for men cheating,I guess the get it better on the outside with no complains just praises and requests,these really make a man feel manish,if you are a man you will understand,boys i don't expect you too.


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